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  1. Are AMD computers compatible with POTC Online?
  2. POTC Online on Windows Vista?
  3. I need your errors!
  4. New member, problems.. not sure where to put this
  5. Getting new machine: Vista or XP?
  6. Help For A MacBook Pro user?
  7. Help with Processor
  8. Problem signing up for POTCO
  9. Cant log in..
  10. Pirates Problem
  11. Not All Islands Loading Properly
  12. How to cancel?
  13. Video Card Help
  14. Major Crashing Issues
  15. Bad framerate/performance
  16. Mysterious Problem
  17. Easy performance boost
  18. Game runs slow on my PC. What else can I do?
  19. How Long Until You Crash?
  20. anyone else getting this
  21. While entering a boat problem
  22. Pirates Not Working?
  23. Won't start up after update...
  24. Fyi
  25. Which video card
  26. Anyone still having log in problems?
  27. Problem Getting Pirates on Windowed Screen
  28. POTC on satellite?
  29. "Stay This Madness"
  30. Game Vanished!
  31. Advice Needed
  32. POTCO on Satellite
  33. unable to play potco on my laptop
  34. upgrading account trouble
  35. What in blue blazes is going on in game?!
  36. Update Graphics??
  37. Argh!
  38. Anyone on an iMac?
  39. Advice on Computer freezing up!
  40. Stupid Internet
  41. Launcher/client link please?
  42. problem start POTCO
  43. Slow.. oh so very slow
  44. Mac F12??
  45. Game launch problem...
  46. Think this should be enough to run POTCO stable for a while?
  47. Are You Running Slow/Laggy With Vista?
  48. Dialup
  49. says im logged in
  50. Game doesn't fit on my screen-HELP!
  51. Radeon Video Card
  52. Cant control ship, or pirate, most of the time
  53. Question regarding performance and Anti-Aliasing
  54. How long do posts take to show up???
  55. Help with game start
  56. something wrong with shortcut
  57. AVG Antivirus detects POTCO as malicious (INFO)
  58. Anti Aliasing
  59. Can't log into test servers.
  60. New Quests!!!!!!! >_<
  61. Help!
  62. reporting bugs through game
  63. Can't log on with a Mac since the last update
  64. Major performance problems since friday's maintenance
  65. Log in address
  66. "Cannot Display This Video Mode"
  67. input not supported
  68. Why now!?
  69. Mac play Choppy while on boat.
  70. Mo' Updates, Mo' Problems
  71. My Compass is now blank!
  72. "Display driver igfx has stopped responding..."
  73. vista problem
  74. Unable to log on to Game: Solution
  75. right clicking with single button mouse ?
  76. ATI Radeon x1400 Vid Card
  77. End Account
  78. MAC USERS: if you can play, you are in the minority
  79. Shortcut Button Help Please
  80. The Ferry Maiden Cometh
  81. game won't work on my desktop!
  82. how do I cancel my subscription and stop paying for POTCO
  83. I can't log on with my PC
  84. Bug Reports
  85. whats the e mail address to speak with these monkeys
  86. Error when logging out.
  87. Tracking Problems
  88. error report?? enter boat?
  89. lost account
  90. Pirate gets "Stuck"
  91. Finally seeing my Pirate on the Docks!!!!!!
  92. how to take a screenshot and find it on a mac?
  93. Game Loading problems
  94. Sailing issues
  95. can't even install POTC
  96. Choppy/Flashing screen
  97. It works so well, for a little while . . .
  98. Problems
  99. alt tab
  100. Unable to log on char
  101. Fighting on Skates
  102. game is continuously lagging, but i have an excellent computer
  103. some confussion
  104. Lag issues, Have you tried this.
  105. Getting "Bad account ID or password"
  106. Game Crash
  107. Account Corrupted
  108. Free Chat (Parental Control Functions)
  109. ~Clueless~
  110. No Lag anymore
  111. Windows 2003 Users
  112. Can't Play
  113. update video drivers don't
  114. Server locations & latency?
  115. Server Temporarily unavailable
  116. Random close down
  117. Update Problems
  118. Big computer screen help please
  119. LAG? Crash? Help!
  120. Help Please Anyody Im Begging
  121. Crashes? Beware! WiFi connection officially not supported.
  122. continuesly crashing?
  123. Game WIndow Size
  124. POTC Desktop Galleon Problem?
  125. Lack of info usually leads to lack in help.
  126. crashing every time i get money!
  127. Big problem! I need help asap
  128. Application shutdown issues
  129. Awesome Radeon x1650 errors. help please?
  130. Game News ~ 07/10/08 ~ Corrections
  131. Crash and Patch Looping?
  132. cant connect with server after reaching level 7
  133. Problem connecting to the game - HELP!
  134. Very annoying bug
  135. Help!!
  136. Game crashes when I fire my cannons or broadsides.
  137. Guest Pass Broken
  138. Input not Supported
  139. Lagging Like Mad! Any Suggestions?
  140. Trouble logging into test server
  141. Can't connect
  142. help
  143. Won't load
  144. Monitor saying Out Of Frequency
  145. Game Crashing at weird times
  146. my whole comuter freeze when I play potco!
  147. 3 crazy problems...
  148. any good virus scans out there?
  149. Windows Mojave
  150. Help Trojan Horse virus??
  151. How do you run Pirates online twice on the same computer?
  152. How do I restart.....
  153. weird bug?
  154. Test Server Chat Issue
  155. killer slow down after patch?
  156. have up to date drivers... still get booted
  157. Minimizing Error
  158. Unable to Log in
  159. Trouble on Vista
  160. Help with screen
  161. When I download the game, the game crashes!
  162. Question
  163. Can't get on the server?
  164. Easy, working way to set the game to Windowed mode
  165. Computer crash when play pirates online
  166. Problem logging in.
  167. problem with this websites security certificate
  168. Screen 2 different colors
  169. POTCO CAN work on Linux
  170. Music/sound bug
  171. BackTrack 3?
  172. Connection Problems
  173. Weird graphics bug, please help!
  174. Mac User Questions
  175. Cannot see PvP score
  176. Looking for some geeky pals!
  177. Son deleted pirate - can I get it back?
  178. Server appears temporarily unavalable...Help*
  179. cant see anything in my map
  180. MSIE 6 and PNG Transparency... is it possible?
  181. How Lag is caused and how to stop it
  182. POTC Problem
  183. Linux Fans
  184. Pirates is really slow
  185. Chat...?
  186. Lag, Lag, LAG!!!!!
  187. Repeatedly Getting Booted...Help?
  188. Can't connnect
  189. My computer lags to much?
  190. POTC with a laptop?
  191. Graphics issue
  192. Problem verifying the Account ID??????
  193. Bloodhound Virus!
  194. Can you hear me now?
  195. Missing Membership
  196. Cannot Recieve Messages!
  197. potco website problem...!
  198. need help
  199. Guildlaunch Sig creator help
  200. Pirates not working?
  201. Getting booted alot?
  202. Problem for connecting??? HELP ME PLEASE
  203. Voice chat question
  204. Problem when my character die...
  205. Pirates of the caribbean,good game,but one thing ruing it all!
  206. Pirates.exe Utilizes lots of memory
  207. Is there any other way?
  208. Whisper Issues with DXD Friends
  209. Used of plus (+) chat option Gone!
  210. Fix for Server Connectivity Issues!
  211. Panda3D
  212. Does anyone know how to fix a Mac?
  213. Very long log out times since December
  214. Faint sound whenever I play pirates
  215. 64 Bit Issues
  216. Game won't load since system restore
  217. Can't log in?
  218. Mac Graphic Problems (Updates)
  219. Can not connect!
  220. Questions about graphics for POTCO
  221. Disney Fix for API issues
  222. Sheur2.QLA Virus Found in Pirates Online (Merged)
  223. Need some help downloading pirates
  224. Is Phone Number Toll Free?
  225. Directx 9
  226. DirectX 9 looking blocky
  227. xfire? what do you think?
  228. Recommendations for Game Controllers ??
  229. help me with this problem please
  230. Good Computer?
  231. Using Team Speak?
  232. Problem verifying ID..sigh
  233. Pirates Online Test Question
  234. Can't Get Parental Controls Set Up Right
  235. Clarification on Cheating
  236. What wrong with my wallpaper?
  237. Question about lag on POTCO....
  238. Help! POTCO wont start!
  239. Mouse controls swith from up is up to down is up...why!?
  240. Quick Question
  241. Graphic problem with cannons...
  242. How do I take a in game screenshot?
  243. Does this happen in anyone else's game?
  244. Anyone with Ventrilo experience-
  245. Bah! Wheres the test server download link?
  246. Aiming with Apple Computer
  247. Flame graphics turning black
  248. Does lag go away or gett better for unlimited members versus bas
  249. Explorer 8, is it freaking any one elses system out?
  250. It has no sound on my laptop?!