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  1. How To Make A Poll!
  2. If you could pick the next update, what would it be?
  3. Another SvS isle?
  4. what clothes would you like brought back?
  5. How many players total do you think are on each day?
  6. Higher Leveled Enemies?
  7. How satisfied are you?
  8. what do you want to see in the following year in 2012?
  9. Do you think they should make it easier to get materials?
  10. How many pirates do you think are in POTCO?
  11. Ship Customization Additions?
  12. Sailing in Circles
  13. Undirected Higher-Level Quest
  14. Pirates of the Caribbean characters
  15. Next Story Quest?
  16. New fighting styles?
  17. Fishing from beach?
  18. What's Your Favorite Thing To Do In POCTO?
  19. Would you be Interested in a Monthly Invasion Stand Off?
  20. What would it take...?
  21. Now That We Have Sailed At World's End...