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  1. Guide to Leveling Up VooDoo doll!
  2. The Complete Guide to the Voodoo Staff
  3. Grenade Leveling Guide
  4. Reputation Chart and Guide
  5. List of Lost Relic Weapons
  6. how many famed weapons do ye have
  7. Calling all legendary cursed owners!
  8. Auto healing doll?
  9. Found the Darkfire Cutlass (FOUND. Not Redeemed)
  10. Blade of the abyss!
  11. What's the best sword in-game?
  12. High or low lvl? Tormenta or RC?
  13. Weapons Combinations
  14. What Is Retraining?
  15. Weapons Specialization
  16. Woohoo!
  17. Double Luck!
  18. Where is the best place to find famed and legendary weapons?
  19. What is the best way to level up?
  20. The guide of freezing!
  21. Need better knives...
  22. Famed Voodoo Doll?
  23. More Damage, More Rep?
  24. Weapon Rank
  25. Valueable items and their annoying properties in a nutshell.
  26. Broken Behemoth Blade?
  27. Retraining Blues?
  28. Dual Swords
  29. Best Place to get Legendary Blades
  30. New code