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  5. Lion hearted pirate guild
  6. Knights Of Nero(new guild) first ten
  7. Original Warriors!
  8. O U T L A W Recruitments! Join now!
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  10. looking 4 guild
  11. The Rogues of Fortune! Do you have what it takes?
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  13. The Outcast Pirates
  14. Pirate's Finesty -- family friendly guild recruiting!
  15. Caribbean Curse Jr. : Recruiting NOW!
  16. Order of Destiny
  17. Blacks Brigade
  18. Attention all Pirates! Revive POTCO Blockade! Jan 1st!!
  19. Join The Heroines of Troy
  20. Back from the dead, maybe
  21. In search for a new Guild :)
  22. Searching for a guild
  23. Mountains of Fire Guild
  24. Celebrate Mayday! Mayday! with the ETC!
  25. Nightmare's Guild- Active or Inactive?
  26. Noble Valor Recruiting
  27. Mutiny Inc Pirate Guild