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  1. Your Favorite Bands/Songs
  2. What song describes your character best?
  3. Pottermore
  4. What's the most annoying thing you can think of?
  5. Best Actor/Actress for Your Pirate?
  6. Pokémon White: Victini and Zekrom
  7. Membership from Movie Rewards?
  8. Having Fun with Forms
  9. Bit o' game humor
  10. busy/distracted for awhile...
  11. Stealth (PNC) without his mask!
  12. Facebook "pages" and albums :)
  13. The Pirates of the Caribbean Project
  14. Anyone exited about the Avengers?
  15. Internet is running out of room?
  16. HP HP Pavilion G6-2007SD Vs ASUS N56VM-S4032V
  17. Anybody Know about pirates's real history
  18. Am I crazy?
  19. Happy Easter! :)