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Departures and Arrivals Post Your Welcome and Goodbye Threads Here!

Old Fair Winds

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Old 10-12-2013, 10:48 PM
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Fair Winds

Ahoy All!

The time has come for me to set sail much like that fellow by the name of Christopher Columbus who sailed the ocean blue in 1492. Come next week this forum will close for something better the Admins have decided to pursue. That's quite alright I suppose to make such decisions behind closed doors without allowing the community to have a say on the matter. Not even a month has passed by since the game closed when the decision was made and a 'new home' as they put it will reopen [like it or not] on the 18th.

Making that difficult decision is not the issue here. It's the manner in which it was handled that is. But what does it matter? Barely does anyone speak something substantively here until it is too late to reverse course. Still, don't the members have a say anyway? You would think considering how we've seen Dx handled their customers in such an ill manner the last thing we'd see is the Staff/Admins [unwittingly] follow their lead.

Spoiler for much longer explanation...:
We honestly don't know whom among them championed that approach and whom did not. You know, just like those at POTCO: Some did not wholeheartedly approve the closure of the game let alone in the manner it was going to be handled. They obviously shared the same sentiments for the other two games they were in charge of: namely, Toontown and Pixie Hollow. They knew it could have been better handled. But as we all know, it never was.

And if that wasn't bad enough, to entitle a thread with the words 'Moving Forward' was by far injurious. Were you not paying attention how those cutthroats at Dx had done the same when they used 'Sailing forward' to justify the reduction of servers from 29 to 15? They simply substituted the common vernacular, moving forward, for something in keeping with our game's respective theme. I guess it's okay since not too many players found them troublesome at the time. Perhaps it will set in now that the game is gone as it has been since September 19th.

Then again, perhaps not. Just understand why I am sailing away. I don't expect the Staff/Admins to reply, nor should they need to 'defend' their decision. Perhaps your idea(s) how to adapt best will work. Perhaps it won't. It's really up to those members to decide its fate. Not too many here were that active despite your best efforts to generate interest. Hopefully all those who migrate willingly to the MMO-only version will so long as they understand that you have no intention of re-opening these forums once they are archived. I'm convinced you won't even if Dx brought them back. So why not make that abundantly clear to the current members? Shouldn't be a problem really if you're doing the right thing.

In any case, we simply will have to agree to disagree. I am sailing westward believing that there is yet a better way, a better place for fellow pirates to call 'home'. Remember my friends and fellow rivals what brought us here originally: the Caribbean. First the ride, then the film, and finally, the game which led to special gathering places for us to call home. Each one is changing for the better or for the worse. In my heart, even if it is for the better, it's only delaying the inevitable because they are all following the same playbook.

We deserve something better. The discovery of one man's vision 521 years ago led to where we are today... to a distant land where the ordinary end up doing extraordinary things. You know that which I speak of. I see something. And there I will head. I didn't leave PoF. Nay, PoF left me. But perhaps it was meant to be so.
Spoiler for Come...:

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