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General POTCO Game Talk Talk about the Disney MMOG Pirates of the Caribbean Online

Old The Sadest Sight I've Seen.

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Old 09-19-2013, 05:15 AM
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The Sadest Sight I've Seen.

Well today, just 14 hours before the game ends, I decided to log on, why I hand't logged on before, I'm not sure, basically I didn't want the game to end. Wel, I tried logging on and my password was incorrect, i used to share the account with a friend so I asked him if he changed it..... he did not, I was able to reset my password to my email and when I logged on guess what I saw? Nothing. No pirates. Jack Redrunner-50, Jack Fireskull-50 Destroyer-50 Treasurerage-47: 2 thunderspines, 4 Lost swords, 12 SIlver Freezes and Emerald Curse. All wiped out by a hacker. I actually felt devastated. My whole 8th grade year was spent on POTCO and it is all gone, 3 years of work on that account and event 6 in the caseof Treasurerage. This was SUCH a dissapointment because all I wanted to do when I logged on was talk to some old friends and have a nice closure to this fantastic game, but alas it will not be, I am currently on Abassa Torguta and if anyone sees a level 1 "Pirate" feel free to say hi and we can talk, so I can end this game off well.

Away from the negatives I want to personally thank every single staff member and user on this forum. This forum is the reason i stayed on so long, I was able to talk with friends and stay up to date with events. This game was outstanding and I will never find anything like it, I'm not sure which happened, did Disney not fund POTCO so they couldn't bring out ideas? Or did POTCO not bring out ideas, therefore losing money and making it not worth it? I really hope it was the first because even when the game is closing, they still bring out fun things to help us enjoy it, Thank you POTCO team!!!!
Old 09-19-2013, 07:53 PM
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oh, I'm so sorry! That's horrible! Do you have any idea why a hacker would do that?

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