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News Archive This is the forum for old News information.

Old Announcing... Savvy Swashbucklers!

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Old 08-10-2013, 12:43 PM
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Announcing... Savvy Swashbucklers!

Thank you all for yer scores of Savvy submissions!
While we were stupefied by the swashbuckling exploits of the many remarkable rascals and seafaring scoundrels nominated, this fearsome foursome stood out to claim the "Savvy Swashbuckler" summer honors.

Congratulations to ye “Savvy Swashbucklers” one and all!

True to her name, Mercy stands ever ready and willing to help Pirates in need, no matter their level or Guild. Even if she's just revived a group of Pirates during a swarming invasion and they're knocked right back to the ground, Mercy is right there, getting them all back on their feet and back into battle. In a Guild well known for tangling regularly with their nemesis General Darkhart, facing off with that lethal boss and other enemies is one time this Pirate lass shows no mercy – and she has the plunder to prove it!
Her Guildmates thank Mercy for her constantly cheerful camaraderie and quick cutlass. This is one Pirate who never gives up against an opponent, or on a friend.

Now here's a salty dog who's seen a fair share of adventure and plunder! Captain A Ron has long dedicated himself to defeating scores of enemies throughout the Caribbean, from gators on Cuba to high-level Navy on Kingshead. In a Guild filled with many prominent Pirates, Captain A Ron continues to astonish his mates with vast numbers of enemies vanquished, contests won, and a treasured collection of Rare and Legendary loot that most Pirates only dream of!
Both experienced and helpful, Captain A Ron steadfastly keeps to the Pirate Code. By encouraging other Pirates to do the same, he shines as a savvy example both on land and sea.

Captain Andy
charts an honorable course as the level-headed leader of the up-and-coming Lion Hearted Pirate Guild. With his simple rules of respect and a weather eye on fun, Captain Andy organizes weekly meetings for crewing Pirates, recognizing quest and level accomplishments, and enjoying bouts of raucous card play or "pirate says". Several of his Guild members let us know how much they admire Captain Andy's sense of fairness to all, and his tireless efforts to guide new Pirates to swashbuckling success.
The good Captain sticks to the Code and helps other Pirates do the same to keep the Caribbean a safe and enjoyable place for all to plunder. Just don't "steal his cookies" savvy?

Whether ye find her crewing Pirates on the high seas, or battling El Patron himself, Sage Whalemight is rarely seen alone – she's too busy putting other Pirates first!
Selfless, smart, caring, and always sticking to the Pirate Code, Sage insists on aiding others, no matter their Guild, Notoriety, or skill level.
Her hearty generosity is matched by her bravery in battle. Sage Whalemight regularly goes toe-to-toe with the most lethal enemies, and comes out victorious thanks to her savvy wisdom and witty wiles that would do e'en Captain Jack Sparrow himself proud!

Tip those tricornes, mates, and a hearty three cheers to our winners this time around!

We hope to see even more praiseworthy Pirates in our next run of Savvy Swashbucklers!
Old 08-10-2013, 03:30 PM
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Missing the old days :(
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Captain Sharktooth is a pirate wannabe
I know A Ron in game, and I'm glad he won... and congrats to Andy as I know he is on these forums!
Old 08-10-2013, 04:21 PM
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richfireskull is scurvy dog
Good job to everyone that won.

Congrats Andy! you earned it.

(hiya Sharky! )

- Tips Tricorne hat -
Old 08-12-2013, 08:40 PM
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Holy moly, I had no clue anyone even nominated me! So honored to be featured!
Old 08-13-2013, 09:27 AM
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General Darkfart
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Congratulations mate- It's hard to get on official things like this.

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