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POTCO Sails and Ships Official discussion of sailing and ships

Old Solo Navy Fleet (Test Server)

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Old 06-15-2012, 06:47 AM
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Solo Navy Fleet (Test Server)

Finally, I have been able to actually record a video of my own Fleet solo. I have been soloing Fleets for a long time, but considering they're solos, it's quite difficult to have an audience. Well, here you go!
Both parts 1 and 2 have been uploaded!

Part 1:
I looked around and couldn't find any videos on how to solo a Fleet. I decided I would go ahead and do that myself. This was all done on the Test Server.

In this part, we deal with the War Frigates, the Navy Elites.

First off, I always use a War Sloop thanks to their small size and great speed. The downside is that they lack broadside cannons (having only seven). A War Brig is also a possible ship that you could use because it has more HP and broadsides. The downside in this case is that it's larger than the War Sloop and will most likely take more hits. It is just as agile and fast, though, and if it has Storm Chaser set to it, it will do well. A War Sloop with Storm Chaser is also good, though I preferred to use Skull & Bones because of the dark hull and HP boost.
Cannon rams do not truly matter, but it is recommended you at least have something like the Gunner's Cannon Ram to boost Roundshot's damage output (this boost works with the broadsides as well. This also applies to cannon rams like the Phantom Cannon Ram, which boosts Thunderbolt. If a Storm Chaser shoots a Thunderbolt, the thunderbolt will do more damage with the help of the cannon ram.)
I HIGHLY recommend you master your Cannon and Sailing and get the Leadership skill before attempting. This will make things much easier. For my cannon setup, I gave 5fivepoints to the following skills:
Cannon: Roundshot, Thunderbolt, Fury, Shoot, Rapid Reload, Barrage (Explosive has one point) - Gunner's Cannon Ram = +1 Roundshot, +2 Rapid Reload
Sailing: Left Broadside, Right Broadside, Open Fire, Take Cover, Taskmaster (All other skills have one point)

Now for another of my tactics. Throughout the video you'll note that I go back and forth. Obviously this is to dodge the shots. But you'll have to become accustomed to predicting when the Navy Elites will fire their shots. Once you get used to it, you'll know.

A final tactic of mine is to fire the broadside first, wait, and then use Open Fire just before it hits the enemy. The already fired broadside will gain the effects, and you'll have more time for Open Fire to use another broadside that will be affected by Open Fire. Use Leadership here to speed up the Broadside recharge to maximize your chances of gaining a second powered hit (This is also where Rank 5 Taskmaster comes in).

As for the Fleet formation, as you saw they form a sort of triangle. The Ship of the Line (HMS Invincible in this case) was at the front, and on both sides were two Navy Elites that were slightly behind. When you attack the Fleet, the ships sail for about a second and a half, pause for a minute, then turn and begin firing on you. When engaged, you'll usually have two of the Fleet ships going straight at you, picking up faster speed, and the rest will fall behind, but will still sail to you.
A few things to note about Fleets:
* 1 - They can fire for much longer ranges than any other ship.
*,** 2 - Fleet ship cannons fire two shots per cannon unlike other ships.
3 - Destroying the Fleet ships' sails only slows them down for a short while. After they stop taking sail damage for a long enough time, they'll gain normal speed, no matter how much of their sails are left, meaning that working on sails is pointless, solo or not.
4 - Fleets are the highest leveled ships in the entire game, War Frigates ranging from Lv69-Lv71, and the Ship of the Line being a whopping Lv79-Lv81.
* - The Queen Anne's Revenge is the only non-Fleet ship that possesses these abilities.
** - This is what allows the HMS Invincible to be very powerful, and considered (by me) to be the strongest NPC ship in the game. Her seven deck cannons fire Explosives. With the ability to shoot two shots per cannon, she can fire fourteen Explosives, dealing very high amounts of damage if a good majority hits you. Even a single shot can be bad.

Since this video covers the Navy War Frigates of the Fleet, I'll bring out the details for the Navy Elite and EITC Tyrant.
~War Frigates Lv69-Lv71~
Navy Elite
Deck guns: Firebrand
Broadsides: Roundshot
(Higher level Navy Dreadnoughts)

EITC Tyrant
Deck Guns: Firebrand
Broadsides: Explosive
(Higher level EITC Juggernaut)

Part 2:
This is the second part of my Navy Fleet solo.

In this part, we deal with the HMS Invincible. In the description of Part 1, I already described what she's capable of. But I'm not going to have you go look for it if you haven't seen it, so I'll just explain her details along with the five other Ships of the Line.

~Navy Ships of the Line Lv79-Lv81 (Difficulty, Strength)~
HMS Invincible --- Difficult, Strong
Deck Guns: Explosive
Broadsides: Roundshot

HMS Victory --- Medium, Strong
Deck Guns: Firebrand"
Broadsides: Roundshot (if I remember correctly)

HMS Newcastle --- Easy, Weak
Deck Guns: Chainshot
Broadsides: Firebrand

* ~EITC Ships of the Line Lv79-Lv81 (Difficulty, Strength)~
EITC Conqueror --- Medium, Medium
Deck Guns: Chainshot
** Broadsides: Explosive

EITC Intrepid --- Medium, Medium
Deck Guns: Firebrand
Broadsides: Roundshot

EITC Leviathan --- Medium, Weak
Deck Guns: Firebrand
Broadsides: Chainshot

* - I don't truly find the EITC Ships of the Line all that difficult. They're more balanced in difficulty and strength. The Navy Ships of the Line have rather variant strengths.
** - The EITC Conqueror's Explosive broadsides aren't as powerful as the HMS Invincible's Explosive deck guns. I've allowed a full 12 Explosives to strike my hull on my War Frigate. It doesn't seem to do much the first time you're hit. However, when you let another broadside hit, that's when you feel the damage.
Happy Fleeting!!!

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Old 06-15-2012, 04:28 PM
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Outstanding! Now, that is true pirating! I'm looking forward to Part 2!
Old 06-15-2012, 09:08 PM
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Good job Will!
Old 08-06-2012, 02:47 PM
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Way to go!

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