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Old Skill Leveling Guide

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Old 11-10-2011, 11:38 PM
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Skill Leveling Guide

Well, I have revived my thread back from 2010 and I plan to update it and make it a bit more up to date.

Ok, I have decided to make a skill leveling guide for the new pirate and for the experienced pirate. First I will start out with cutlass (now sword), move on to shooting, doll, dagger, grenade, and then eventually onto staff. Also, there will be Sailing and Cannon tips coming soon. I will update this every now and then but with school it will be tough to find time, but I plan to get all these skill guides up to tips on mastery. Anyways, I hope this helps!

The sword is the most commonly used weapon in Pirates of the Caribbean Online. Every player basic or unlimited may use this weapon. This weapon is unlocked in the tutorial, if you do it (which i recommend because it levels you up almost instantly to 2).
Types of swords:
Cutlass - A basic sword. You will start the game out with a Rusty Cutlass (Crude). This deals a middle amount of damage and a middle amount of speed. The cutlass is pretty much the balance between a sabre and a broadsword.
Broadsword - Broadswords are powerful and hit all enemies around you. You can swing them almost as fast as a cutlass but they are a little slower.
Sabre - Sabres are rapidly swung but are very weak. One disadvantage is that they are sometimes hard to string into combos.

Ok. Now you have just started the game and have your cutlass. For these first three to four levels I suggest "Gravedigger Garden" at Port Royal. Notice: Gravedigger Garden is where you will complete your first non-tutorial quests. It is right behind Fort Charles and is near the entrance to King's Run. Just keep fighting these gravediggers and fight the Bandit that frequently spawns at the tree close to the enterance to King's Run. WARNING: The Bandit may be a challenge if it spawns as a level five and you only have level 1 sword. Be ready to use a Tonic "T" if our health gets red.
Here are the levels these enemies may appear as:
Gavedigger: 1-3
Bandit: 2-5
Also, be prepared to use a tonic if a BOSS shows up. These are indicated by a skeleton skull with a red glow around it. Although they will have the same level range on what they are a boss of, they will have more stamina, or health.
Now you have a little taste of the game and the cutlass. Now lets head over to Govenor's Mansion. You will see that there are many cadets. these will be yellow to you and depending on your cutlass level some may be green or red. Now aim for these cadets and they should give some significant rep. If you are wondering, where Govenor's Mansion is, it is on the north east corner of Port Royal. You can use a map by holding F8. You shouldn't need tonics much here. Maybe once you have fought consistently for a while your meter will slowly drain, but that won't be much of a problem. Note: If you absolutely need healing and are out of tonics, there is a guy named Edward Shakleby on a bench near the mansion. If you give him just 5 gold, he will heal you to full health. So, just fight these cadets until you have gotten your sword to your satisfactory level between 3-6.
Here are the levels these enemies may appear at:
Cadet: 2-4
Now, There are three ways to go that I think are good ways to get rep at this stage of your skill. These will come in the order from the way i think is the best, to the way i think is good (A->B->C->and so on).
A)King's Run
Remember back to the days you were fighting gravediggers in Gravedidder Garden? And remember the tree with the misterious dark hole leading to the woods in Gravedigger Garden? Time to go through that tree! Ok, now there aren't any specific places I think you should be. Find a personally satisfactory spot and kill those skeletons, or just roam around bringing mayhem to the undead in your way. I suggest focusing on the bandits, mutineers and pirates. Now, since your moving up in the ranks, gravediggers and cave bats won't do you much good. But, here's the catch. You can't always just ignore the gravediggers because once you kill a bandit, mutineer or pirate, a gravedigger might spawn. You just have to make sure you don't put King's Run into gravedigger overload. WARNING: If you encounter a high level such as a level 7-8 make sure you keep track of your health. These will hit you pretty hard, so always have a few tonics or maybe even some remedies.
Here are the levels these enemies may appear at:
Gravedigger: 1-3
Cave Bat: 1-4
Bandit: 2-5
Mutineer: 4-7
Pirate: 4-8
B)Pantano River
Now, if you want a change of scenery, here is the place to go. Note: Pantano is located on the civilized, port of call, Cuba. Cuba is just southwest of Port Royal. WARNING: The waters in between Cuba and Port Royal sometimes contain dangerous ships like greyhounds and corvettes. Try to steer clear of these by either full sailing past them, or detouring. With all that said, what I recommend you to fight here is the alligators. The swamp and bayou alligators. Also, the low level giant fly traps (6-8) won't make a bad meal either. Just watch out for their venom. This can really harm you. They will definitely work you to the point of using a tonic or maybe even a remedy. Now the place to go in Pantano River really depends on your sword level. If you have a sword of 3-4 then you might as well stick around Tia Dalma and fight the swamp alligators. If you are 4-6 I advise that you fight down on the far end, away from Tia Dalma. This is where the bayou alligators live along with some swamp alligators too. Fight both of them unless if you have 6 sword, go for more of the bayou alligators and low giant fly traps. So once you've been fighting those mongrels for a while, you should be a good level or two higher. Also, it is good for you who dare to lash at the giant fly traps to have a crew member with the voodoo doll. Note: If you want to play it safe or you have a slow computer, you can step out of Pantano River and just fight the swamp alligators in the swampy area of Cuba.
Here are the levels these enemies may appear at:
Swamp Alligators: 2-5
Bayou Alligators: 4-7
Giant Fly Traps: 6-14
C)Devil's Anvil
Devil's Anvil, I bet you know this place from speaking to Captain Barbossa for your pistol. If you don't remember Devil's Anvil's whereabouts, it is almost directly north of Port Royal, just a tad bit to the east. If you haven't spoke to him yet to get your pistol, I suggest you do NOW. The pistol is a very useful weapon, but I will get into that later. So, if you have already gotten your pistol, I bet you remember when this was a scary island full of high level enemies that you didn't stand a chance against. Well now it's time to get back at them. Here is the first key thing. Sand crabs won't level you up at all and may as well be the first grey level you see in your pirating experience. Although, it is true that as in my description of King's Run, you may go into sand crab overload, BUT, they don't spawn where rock crabs and giant scorpions do. Anyway, your target here are those giant scorpions, stone crabs, and for levels 4+, those big meaty rock crabs. Although you level 3 cutlass wielders can defeat the rock crabs, be careful around the level 7+ ones. And for all of you level 3-6 cutlass lads, the level 9-10 rock crabs will be remedy worthy. As for specific positioning on the island, anywhere will work, even though I'd say the end away from Barbossa's Grotto seems to have more enemies in a lesser area.
Here are the levels these enemies may appear at:
Sand Crabs: 1-3
Stone Crabs: 2-5
Giant Scorpions: 2-5
Rock Crabs: 6-10
Level 4-7
You got some savvy skills for that weapon of yours now, eh? We are headed now to the pirate island of Tortuga. Home to some of the rowdiest pirates, is directly north of Port Royal. Here at Tortuga, I want you to head over to Tortuga Graveyard. Tortuga Graveyard is at the north end of Tortuga. It is right after Seamstress Anne's shop and near Butcher Brown. What we are going to focus on here are the Brutes, Witchdoctors, and Pirates. Also, if you enjoy fighting bosses, which I am a fan of myself, there is a bayou alligator boss, named Hardtack, that regularly shows up. We will also focus on him. So, Tortuga Graveyard is split up into two ends, the West End and the East End. The West End contains mutineers, pirates, bayou alligators, and Hardtack. The East End is where I think you will level up the fastest, although Hardtack does give good rep, he has to respawn and he takes alot out of you. The brutes, witchdoctors, and pirates are all East End fellows. That is where think it is best to go. Note: If you are level 4 cutlass, Hardtack may make you use a tonic or remedy.
Here are the levels these enemies may appear at:
Mutineer: 4-7
Bayou Alligator: 4-7
Pirate: 4-8
Witchdoctor: 6-10
Brute: 6-10
Level 5-8
Now your getting the hang of slicing through bones and shells, but it's time to slice through flesh again! We are heading of to Fort Charles for this great level-span. Also, some of you guys have gotten level 8 cutlass and "Brawl" is a must, if you want good rep. Anyways, The baddies we will be fighting now in this Journey to Mastery, are Guards, Marines, and Sergeants. Also, you level 7+ cutlass lovers can try some low level Grunts with a friend who has a voodoo doll. Note: Just make sure they have "Heal" or "Cure." WARNING: Hired Guns and Mercenaries don't like to play games and WILL kill you in just a few hits. Also, we won't be messing with veterans yet, although if a level 13 veteran attacks you you can try to kill it and you will probably succeed. Now, Fort Charles is a very popular location to level skills and is located on Port Royal. Fort Charles is pretty hard to miss. It is in between the Port Royal Fishing Dock, the big, main dock, and Gravedigger Garden. You can enter by opening the big double door guarded by the two cadets by pressing the [shift] key. Near where the bell is, there will be a few marines, sergeants, grunts, and either a hired-gun or a mercenary. Aim for all the navy soldiers. WARNING: You will need remedies for the level 13+ sergeants. Also, in the center of the fort there are two spawn spots where either guards or cadets will pop up. Don't bother with cadets, at this point they will be grey to you. Note: Use the [F8] key to locate the actual fort if you are a little lost. Another place to hit at the fort, is when you go up those stairs, on those passage ways there should be marines and sergeants with maybe a veteran.
Here are the levels these enemies may appear at:
Cadet: 2-4
Guard: 4-7
Marine: 6-10
Sergeant: 9-14
Grunt: 13-19
Veteran: 13-19
Hired-Gun: 19-25
Mercenary: 23-30
Level 6-9
Ok, all of you have the potential to unlock the passive skill "Parry" now. I think you should spend a skill point on it or maybe 2. This passive skill makes it so every now and then you block an attack from an enemy. So for these levels in cutlass, we will be heading to Murky Hollow on Port Royal. To get to Murky Hollow, you will have to go through either King's Run or Governor's Garden. Either one works. Here we will go for anything you see. WARNING: Be careful around General Bloodless, an undead brigand boss. Also keep an eye on your health while fighting undead brigands. There is no particular spot in Murky Hollow I am going to say to fight at, but try to go where the brutes, witchdoctors, and brigands go. Note: Having a friend with the voodoo doll will really help at this point. They can heal you for some rep themselves and you should make sure to crew up for the extra bonus! You can crew someone by clicking on them (make sure there is no weapon in your hand!) and click on the mug icon. This will request them to be in your crew. So while you are giving these baddies some scars, you should be leveling up fast.
Here are the levels these enemies may appear at:
Mutineer: 4-7
Pirate: 4-8
Witchdoctor: 6-10
Brute: 6-10
Brigand: 9-14
Level 7-10
Well once your level 7 and only have basic access, this is a sad level. You can no longer level up and will be a level 7 swordsman for the rest of your life. Unless, you buy an unlimited access subscription! You can do this by going to the main Pirates of the Caribbean Online (POTCO) site and clicking on account services on the left hand side of the screen. This will expand into eight options to click on. Click Membership Options. This will lead you to a page with all the benefits on a chart and buttons to click for how long you want one and all that. Note: MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A PARENT BY YOUR SIDE FOR THIS!!! Ok, so where to go for this level-span of your cutlass, is either Fort Charles, Kingshead, or Murky Hollow.
A)Murky Hollow
Ahh, This place seems familiar. Same deal as last time pretty much. Aim for the Undead Witchdoctors, Brutes, and Brigands. Also, General Bloodless won't be too hard to fight, just make sure you have a good amount of holy waters near by and a friend with a voodoo doll won't hurt either. Make sure to crew up!
Here are the levels these enemies may appear at:
Mutineer: 4-7
Pirate: 4-8
Witchdoctor: 6-10
Brute: 6-10
Brigand: 9-14
B)Fort Charles

-Last Update: 7:15pm November 29th 2010 EST

The skill of shooting is a unique skill. It possesses more power than your original cutlass it's just that you have to reload after you use it. Also there are no combos to string together. There is one thing that makes it unique out of all other weapons. You may NOT use this against other living humans, so pistols are useless around the Navy, unless, you happen to have a bayonet. Alike the cutlass, there are several types of guns.
Types of guns:
Pistol - A starter gun. This is the type of gun you get from Barbossa. Your started gun is called a Flintlock Pistol (Crude). Anyways, pistols are always single barreled and do about the same damage as a repeater pistol. These basic guns are mediumed range, but don't under estimate them.
Repeater Pistol - This is just about the same thing as a pistol, medium range, medium damage. The different quality of the repeater pistol compared to the pistol is that it can have multiple barrels. Therefore, it can shoot multiple times before reloading.
Musket - This gun is the sabre of guns. These are pretty weak but are capable of long, sharp-shooting snipes. These are good for shooting down off clifs at enemies. They have one barrel and take a while to reload.
Blunderbuss - This gun is a complete powerhouse, but can only shoot from a few yards away and take absolutely forever to load. With scattershot, you can shoot a few enemies at once.
Bayonet - Bayonets are the most unique out of ALL guns. These are most similar to muskets, with the long range shots and all, but these are the only type of guns that you can use against humans. You just can't shoot. You stab them with your bayonet attached to the front of your gun.


-Last Update: 3:51pm November 24th 2010 EST

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