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Departures and Arrivals Post Your Welcome and Goodbye Threads Here!

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Old 02-05-2008, 10:19 AM
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Welcome to piratesonlineforums.com! Read Here

Welcome to piratesonlineforums.com, the number one fansite for POTCO(Pirates of the Carribean Online)


Searching the forums

Well, to start off lets do Forum Searching!
These are basic links to pages apart of the forum, these are found on every page.

At the top you should see some images like this-

Home- Takes you to the homepage of This site, has info such as Latest news here and on POTCO! Also, names Sister Sites and much more!

Forums- Brings you to the Forums of the site.

Gallery-Takes you to the sites members gallery's. This is a place to upload images, you can also use the address as an image host!

Blogs-Place where you make topics and debate.

Arrrcade-Place to play games from the site(Some non-G rated). If you get top three, you get a green scrolling username!

Userpages-Place to discuss things about your and friends userpages.

Register- Where non-members register to become members! Get all the accessibility's of us!

NOTICE: As you start out as a new member you will get this message-

Welcome to PiratesOnlineForums.com!

We are the biggest & best PG rated fan site community for the Disney online game Pirates of the Caribbean Online.

Your account is in a moderation queue, this means the moderators will need to "accept" all of your posts. This happens to all new members until we see that you are ready to post on your own. Normally it will take 1-3 weeks so feel free to post normally as your posts will appear once they are accepted. Please only submit your posts once, when they are accepted they will show up.

We have many forums here for you to obtain information and help while playing Disney's Toontown Online that include Guides, help with trading of items & quests and much more.

Now that you are a registered member you have the ability to obtain membership to various Group sections of Toontowncentral.com. You can find out what memberships you are eligible for by navigating to your User CP and clicking on the Group Memberships link and joining the group.

Enjoy your stay here and please keep in mind to follow the site Policies and Disclaimers when posting.

PiratesOnlineForums.com Staff

This is Moderation Queue, Admin's/ Moderators must approve your posts before you can post as you wish on the forums. Almost all forums do this.

Your User CP

This is a full user CP.

Settings & Options

Edit Signature- MUST DONATE TO GET. It's graphic/text displayed under each of your posts. Edit as you choose(Along guide lines) Donate Here

Edit Your Userpage- MUST DONATE TO GET! A mini-web page that you can customize with plenty of things.(Song's, Pop-Up Messages, etc.)- Donate Here

Edit you E-Mail and Password- Explains right there, just edit E-mail address and Password.

Edit Options- Go invisible (so people can't see you as your online), set your forum preferences, display options, time/date options, and change your forum skin in this area. Can also be changed at bottom of page.(Into that later.)

Edit Avatar- The graphic on the left hand corner of your username. Change the picture there.

Edit Profile Picture- Add picture that's viewed when member's look at you profile.

Private Messaging

List messages-Shows all messages in PM Box.

Send New Message- Make a new Private Message to send to someone.

Edit Folders- Edit messages into a folder for ease of access.

Subscribed Threads

List Subscriptions - When you subscribe to threads, you will be able to view and manage them.

Edit folders - Change up location for easier location


Event Reminders -list's events you have added to the calendar and reminder's

Paid Subscriptions - Takes you to a page to upgrade your subscription. Recently changed, used to all be free until our 5000th member mark

Group Memberships - Join specialized groups here. Will display under your Username.

Buddy/Ignore Lists -Buddies= Add buddies to your list so you can have quickacces to theeir user profiles if needed or just to PM.Ignore= ignores member completly, can't PM nor see posts by them.

Attachments - Things you have attached from other posts.


In the corner of everyones user names you see this.

The persons current reputation is the icon (formally the rum bottle).

To add to the rep press the button with the check and an X.

There are multiple signs and meanings
Here they all are
Highly negative
High postion
Reputation Off
Reputation Positive
Reputation Off

RULES: Only give reputation if you find the post helpful, not as something to do for a friend.


At the very bottom in the left hand corner you should see something like this.

Click the arrow to make it look like the picture above. The Skins change the way the Site color and look is on your screen.

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