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The Rusty Cutlass Official archive about Weapons and Skills

Old Legendary Stuff...

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Old 06-04-2011, 10:14 PM
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loot chest! :D
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Question Legendary Stuff...

How do you get legendary weapens?

Can you get them no matter what, or do you have to do a quest or be a certain level?
Old 06-04-2011, 10:17 PM
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Anyone can get them. All you need to do is know where to loot, and then after you know where, you need to be very determined. I personally gave up looking for a Lost Sword of El Patron after spending months looting Darkhart for it.

If you're looking for Silver Freeze, best to try Smasho. That's my only Legendary weapon and it took me a few weeks of looting at Smasho to get it. Most people get the Lost Sword of El Patron from Darkhart or Tormenta, and Legendary Cursed Blades only show up on Raven's Cove or Tormenta. They're very rare, so don't think its easy to get them. Good luck!
Old 06-04-2011, 11:51 PM
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Loot drops are quite random, don't forget. I spent weeks camping out at Darkhart for the lost sword, only to see my friend come in and get the sword in less than half an hour.

Another friend got the lost sword after several hours at Kingshead.

Finally, I heard of a guy who got the lost sword from a gravedigger.

Just find a place to loot, and you're away. That's my belief, anyway. Oh, and you can't get legendary cursed blades until you finish the Raven's Cove quest, I don't think.
Old 06-05-2011, 05:45 AM
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I got El Patron sword from Timmothy
Old 06-05-2011, 06:32 AM
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It takes some time to accuire just one. is like a 2% (not 0.2, but 0.02) chance of getting it -_-

And honestly u get it faster from foulberto
Old 06-05-2011, 07:49 AM
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A friend of mine got the world eater in tormenta, and another friend got a Razortooth(i think) in tormenta so i have been going crazy in tormenta.
Old 06-07-2011, 04:29 PM
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I got my Patron's lost sword on Tormenta and silver freeze battling Smasho, but like most are saying, it's very random just keep looting and they eventually come.

Good luck matey
Old 06-07-2011, 07:29 PM
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You get them from loot drops, I got my lost sword from Dark Hart.

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