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Old Guide to the Black Pearl

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Old 05-03-2011, 11:01 PM
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Post Guide to the Black Pearl

Hello, guys! JackSeaeagle here, and I'm gonna tell you how to beat the Black Pearl!

1. Make sure you have at least 4 people. You can do less, but it's easier to have more people helping you.

2. After the cutscene, you'll have to battle some Navy guards. Use broadsword or staff, skill Wither, to clear out multiple enemies and finish them off quickly.

3. You will be asked to steer the wheel. At least someone will try to steal the wheel from ye, so stand by the wheel as soon as step 2 is almost done.

4. Some Navy Panthers will appear. The captain will have to get off the wheel, so everyone should use Thunderbolt or Firebrand on the Panthers. After all of them are sunk, get back onto the wheel and quickly prepare for the drawbridges!

5. If you're the captain, sail forward and turn with the front facing your left wall, and so the cannoneers can aim at the bridges. Everyone should use Round Shot for the first drawbridge, since it's fairly easy. When it's destroyed, move on to the next step!

6. We're on to the second drawbridge, mates! Use Round Shot again for this one, and follow the same thing as step 5!

7. This time, use Firebrand, and other than that, do the same thing.

8. The last drawbridge! For this one, EVERYONE should use Thunderbolt. If you don't have it, use Firebrand. You can't move on until this one is destroyed, so shoot away!

9. The last step.... the Goliath, boss Ship of the Line (and weakest xD)! If you're low on health, I suggest that as soon as the battle starts, sail forward! While you're still far away, before the Goliath catches up to you, quickly destroy its sails! Now, after it can't move, everyone shoot the ship itself, and once it sinks, congratulations! You have beaten the Black Pearl! After this, you will get a rare potion, and if you're lucky, a Summon Chicken potion! I hope this guide helped!

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