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POTCO WeaponSmith Official Discussion about Weapons, Voodoo, and their related Skills

Old The Complete Guide to the Voodoo Staff

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Old 11-22-2007, 09:54 AM
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The Complete Guide to the Voodoo Staff

(This guide was copied directly from our forums and was reposted here to help a larger audience. It was not intended to step on toes or say this guide is better than anyone elses, it is just here to help preview the staff and help players decide how to spend skill points once they get it. Enjoy it all)

Before you even get close to level 30 and start the quest to opening up the voodoo staff, you need to work your voodoo doll up as much as you can. Why? because the staff works differently than the doll, but uses large amounts of voodoo and each time you level up your doll you add 8 more to your total voodoo and it all adds up to allowing you more power on your staff when you get to it.

The quests to get the staff are not all that hard, but you do have to take out one thing on every island in the game at the end. Some get confused by the term 'creatures', but you may kill either skels, animals, eitc, or navy... In other words you can take out ANYTHING on the islands to qualify.

Once you get the staff you have two basic things you can do with it right off the start. The basic attack is called blast. To use this just tap the left mouse button or Ctrl key. It doesn't do a lot of damage, but it doesn't cost ANY voodoo to use. It is considered a combat skill. The fact it doesn't use any voodoo is key as when you do run low on voodoo using the spells you can always blast the end of an enemy or just use blast for a few seconds while you recharge your voodoo for more damage on those higher spells. Like all of the directional staff attacks it damages anything in the line of sight when you use it. This means if you have a couple of enemy in front of you it does damage to both without penalty! (it doesn't divide up a total amount of damage, each gets the same damage as if you hit just one). This is what makes the staff the most damaging weapon in the game.

The spells of the voodoo staff:
First of all, the spells work differently than the doll. With the doll you can cast any spell instantly, but you have a set amount of time to wait for each to be available again. With the staff you have to hold down the left mouse button or the Ctrl key until the meter is fully charged and THEN let go to cast that spell. If you let go of the key before the meter is full the spell fizzles and you do no damage. You must learn this fundamental difference before you get into the higher spells. Each spell has a different amount of voodoo it uses (gets higher each higher level spell) and each has a different amount of charge time before casting it.

The entry level spell is called Soul Flay.
unidirectional with a narrow line of effect in front of you. It does travel a significant distance in front of you.
Damage is limited on this one, but given how fast it charges it may be of some use to add a point or two to it.

unidirectional with a fatter line of effect, but shorter distance vs soul flay.
The damage is higher than soul flay, however the charge time is as much as higher spells that do more damage. It does acid damage which keeps hurting the victim over time which gets higher as you add more to it. I'd still say this spell isn't worth it IMO and I wish I could take back the two points I put in it.

Omnidirectional with a medium area of effect.
This is a fairly wicked attack that uses a lot of graphics (may cause severe lag in big battles), but does damage to anything close to you. Note that it will wake up enemy near you if you haven't already attacked them so be carefull using it in populated areas. In my opinion it is worth having 5 dots on this one.

Flame Skull
Unidirectional with a fairly wide area of effect that goes a long way provided you are aiming up. If you face toward the ground the graphics at least go shorter, unknown if it actually reduces distance as well.
While this only goes in one direction, it can harm most things directly by you in almost a 180 degree area and can do massive damage in anything else behind them. This spell does take a lot of voodoo (150 without reduction on passive skills) and takes a long time to charge, but just lays waste to most of the things in front of you. This spell not only looks cool, but does so much damage that it is well worth having 5 dots in it, provided you spent the time working up your voodoo and have enough to cast it a few times. This spell also goes farther away than your pistol, throwing daggers, or any other distance weapon you have. It just is the best thing in the game IMO.

Unidirectional and I haven't used it much, but seems to not go very far, but does more damage as a base than other lower spells.
The problem with this spell is it takes a VERY long time to charge and only works on undead. Add that is uses well over 200 voodoo each shot (I have a 4% reduction on all spells and it uses 201 for me, you do the math lol) and I just can't see me spending skill points more on this. Your milage may vary and perhaps I'll change my mind later, but for now I tried it, like the graphics on the top of the staff, but won't use it much (if any).

The last spell is called Desolation
Omnidirectional and the graphics kind of look like a tornado or whirlwind from the center out. It seems to hit a larger area than wither and like it, goes out in all directions from the person casting it. It takes a VERY long time to charge it and it uses a ton of voodoo (288 for me after my 4% reduction). The base damage shows 446-892 with just the one dot so I can only imagine what it will take out with 5 dots. You should know that it damages you as well as everything around you. Takes almost 2/3 of my health at level 33 as well as using about 3/4 of my voodoo. I can't see using this as more than a novelty.

Now that I've had time to try out all the spells and get to know them, I'd say the only ones worth moving to 5 dots are Wither and Flameskull. Both of these are the ones you will use over and over again. The others are more for show. Also bulk up the first passive to at least 4 or 5 dots. I have it at 4 right now and my voodoo really does regenerate pretty fast (40% faster).

Passive Skills
This weapon has some very cool passive skills, but the most important one is the first one available. These are listed in order of availability.

This skill increases the rate of voodoo replenishment by 10% each skill point! If you are going to focus on spell casting, this is a must fill element. I have 3 in it right now and will likely fill it before I max out. You just can't get enough voodoo for these spells and this is the way to go to get more.

Spirit Lore
Increases casting speed on the voodoo staff by 4% (the only point I have in it was 4%, not sure if it adds 4% more each point added). Speed helps, but not sure if this is the best use of points all things considered.

Decreases the amount of voodoo needed for both staff and doll by 4%. Again, only put one point in it so not sure if it is 4% per additional point. This is another way to help stretch out your casting ability and may be worth a point or two if you are a serious spell caster.

Spirit Mastery
Increase damage for both staff and doll by 5%. Enough said on that one? Again, an interesting chance to add more power to both kinds of spell casting, but how much would you spend on it?

It seems that there are so many options on both spells and passive skills that trying to figure out how you will spend all your skill points will be a challenge and very much a matter of your preference and useage.

Overall the staff is the most powerful weapon in the game and the graphics are outstanding. Everyone will want it and the info here will hopefully help you decide how best to prepare for it and spend points on it while leveling it up.

Happy hunting all!

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Old 11-28-2007, 03:06 PM
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Exellent guide!

I leveled up staff to 20 last night and have been saving experients pts, using mostly wither and soul flay to level, with a shot of fire at the end of a kill (and have only one or two skill pts on each of them). I have had trouble deciding where to put them on the staff. I agree with most of your assesments and Im still very undecided, but your guide lays all the options out very nicely and will make the decision easier.

Thank you. Its informative and very well done (as all your guides have been). I appreciate your taking the time to put this together.

Happy plundering!

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Old 11-28-2007, 03:52 PM
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Good guide man!

Just a little opinion here. Desolation really doesn't seem worth it.
I personally prefer Wither with 4 dots and Flaming skull with 5 dots. They do insane damage, and don't hurt me The way I look at it is, if I'm fighting something that I need to kill quick, it means it's something that is hurting me. In which case I don't want to be hurting myself. On the other hand if I'm fighting something that can't hurt me do I really need to take it out ASAP... In which case Flaming Skull does nicely.

PS. I'm 25 Staff, with 5 points in Spirit Mastery as well.
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Old 11-28-2007, 04:12 PM
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I agree with your view on desolation, which is why I put in the guide that I can't see it being used for more than a novelty. That is, something for show.

As to how to divide up points, thalore chose to max out spirit mastery and I know others who have played with different levels of the passive skills. There is no one right answer I'm sure, but spirit mastery and concentration are both worth putting whatever you can spare.

If I had it to do all over again I wouldn't put even one point in pestilence, banish, or desolation. I wouldn't use any extra points on soulflay (I do only have one dot on it now) or blast (yep, just one point there). I would max wither and flameskull as well as concentration and spirit mastery and put the rest in the other two passive skills.

For me, I mostly use blast to get the attention of enemy to make them come to me and soulflay on lower level enemy so I can get some decent exp for them.
Old 12-11-2007, 07:11 PM
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One thing I found that desolation is good for - if you're training on the field in Kingshead and use desolation first and then wither, you get double the exp points per veteran. At my level, I was only getting 3-4 pts., but doing this I could get 8-11 pts each, which speeds thing up a bit. And since my health level isn't any issue with those guys - they never hit me - I can just stand there until I'm recharged enough to do it again.

I agree that it's not very useful if you're trying to battle higher level enemies, though. It takes too long to charge, and the health drain is dangerous. I hate jail!
Eliza Shipwrecker
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Old 01-14-2008, 08:50 PM
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aww wicked those are some nice spells i cant wait till i lv up more my staff

Notoriety Lvl 39
Cutlass Lvl 25 (Steel Cutlass)
Pistol Lvl 25 (Triple Barrel Pistol)
Voodoo Doll Lvl 25 (Silk Doll)
Daggers Lvl 25 (Main Gauche)
Voodoo Staff Lvl 25 (Skull Staff)
Grenades Lvl 12
Cannons Lvl 24
Sailing Lvl 21 (War Frigate-Silver Shark)

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Old 02-15-2008, 04:39 PM
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I think spending skill points for leveling benefits is unwise, because eventually you will have that skill maxed out and the skill points you used for leveling you will regret. Plan Long Term!

I've never used a staff before but after reading this I want to take a stab at a spec by applying knowledge from past MMOs. First you have to ask yourself what the point of the staff is? It's obvious of course, but for clarity I want to just list them off. There are three components.
1) Doing lots of damage
2) as quickly as possible
3) for as long as possible

You have to find a combinatin of these three elements that will allow you to sustain relatively high dps for a relatively long period of time (when grinding for example). Too much emphasis on damage will leave you out of voodoo and unable to cast anything! Too much emphasis on regen and replenishment and you will be weak or unable to spend those Voodoo fast enough. Where that balance is, is the question, and until I can get up to that level and do some number crunching I won't know.

If someone would be so kind as to type out the Base Cost and Base Cooldown for these abilities, with no benefits from passives, I would greatly appreciate it.

Few important questions about this:
Does "Curse" in the Voodoo Doll tree "Stack" with "Spirit Mastery?"
Would this be a 55% dmg increase in total, or is there some limitation or catch?

How much regeneration do you actually get in combat, and is that more or less than the average reduction in cost assuming a 20% reduction in commonly casted Hexes? Only the math will tell us, if I had the numbers I would happily share the findings with you guys.

This is my tentative outline of what a powerful build might be.

--Combat Skill--
(1/5) Blast. * [Frontal AOE] [Base Dmg?]
(1/5) Soulflay. * [Cost?] [CD?] [Base Dmg?]
(0/5) Pestilence. * [Cost?] [CD?] [Base Dmg?]
(4/5) Wither. * [Cost?] [CD?] [Base Dmg?] [-30% AtkPwr for 30s]
(4/5) Flaming Skull. * [Cost?] [CD?] [Base Dmg?]
(0/5) Banish. * [Cost?] [CD?] [Base Dmg?]
(0/5) Desolation. * [Cost?] [CD?] [Base Dmg?]
--Passive Effects--
(5/5) Concentration. * [+50% Voodoo Recovery Rate]
(4/5) Spirit Lore. * [+20% Casting Speed for Staff]
(2/5) Conservation. * [-20% Casting Cost for Staff/Doll Hexes]
(4/5) Spirit Mastery. * [+25% Dmg to Doll/Staff Spells]
(25/25) Total
Old 02-25-2008, 05:17 AM
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I have a 20 staff and just got Desolation. I must say it is probably the silliest skill I have ever seen, except for the graphics which are pretty cool. I never heard of a high level skill that takes 2/3 of your health and does only fair damage.
Seems quite a waste to me.
Eliza, I tried your way of going to Kingshead and using it first and then wither. I am only Notoriety 32, but the soldiers did hurt me enough to make using the spell deadly for me.
I do love Fire Skull and Wither. I have 5 points in each and think I will be sticking to using those.
Old 02-25-2008, 10:24 AM
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it is NOT a waste lol, youre basing desolation on its weakest point. just like wither and flame were "weak" when they werent maxxed. believe me its funny as heck running right into the vet squad and using that trick to fully charge desolation in a second, and watching them all fall over with a single hit, its like casting wither 3-4 times for me (at its fully maxxed state, along with the passive damage increase maxxed) making wither my least favorite spell now, besides banish..but banish was the greatest rep gainer ever.
Old 03-18-2008, 05:23 PM
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I'm so close to getting the staff lol.
Old 04-02-2008, 05:06 PM
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I obtained my staff last night and this was exactly the kind of guide I was looking for to avoid making mistakes with this weapon like I did with my early weapons. Very helpful! Thanks!
Old 04-02-2008, 08:39 PM
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IMO I prefer to keep the weaponry at a lower "Attack". Here's my input on the staff:

--Combat Skill--
(1/5) Blast. (Dont add more, just use base skill)
(1/5) Soulflay. (Dont add more, just use base skill)
(1/5) Pestilence. (Definitely worth adding 1 skill. This seems to net the most reps. Lvl 35 stumps was gettin 70 reps trying to Master the Staff)
(1/5) Wither. (Yes it looks cool, but the more skill dots you add, the stronger the reps and the harder it is to level later.)
(1/5) Flaming Skull. (Very effective, but same as Wither....)
(0/5) Banish. (only skill up to use on Stumps for max reps. Long charge time)
(1/5) Desolation. (gotta do it for the fun factor or to Awe the noobs on PR )

Heres the ones that I would MAX!!!
--Passive Effects--
(5/5) Concentration. * [+50% Voodoo Recovery Rate]
(5/5) Spirit Lore. * [+25% Casting Speed for Staff]
(5/5) Conservation. * [-?% Casting Cost for Staff/Doll Hexes] (I can Wither all day and not drain voodoo enough to lose it)
(4/5) Spirit Mastery. * [+25% Dmg to Doll/Staff Spells] If you dont use Desolation, then use this max. Why skill up individual attacks when this works on EVERYTHING VOODOO. Only do it after Mastered, cause it makes it hard lol.
(26/26) Total

As I said, very hard to master when your attacks are so powerful. This build is what I found to be the best for me and my pirates. When I was trying to finish mastering my weapons, the staff was the hardest since I got lowest reps out of it. I skilled up my attacks and had Spirit Mastery skilled as well. Here's the Rep values (I did a test to see what attacks warranted the most reps on a lvl 35 stump):

--Combat Skill--
(1/5) Blast. *apx 50*
(1/5) Soulflay. *apx 50*
(1/5) Pestilence. *apx 75*
(2/5) Wither. * apx 35*
(1/5) Flaming Skull. *apx 30*
(1/5) Banish. *u get 110 in crew, but WOW who has the time?!?*
(1/5) Desolation. *apx 35 but u can only do this once or twice before it kills u enough*

This is what I've learned. Use it if you like, feel free to check out my pirates on DXD. Angel is the oops pirate, but Hunter, shes doin it right this time
"Angel" - Member of War Wenches
"Hunter" - Officer of The Elite Circle
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Old 04-02-2008, 09:20 PM
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Thanks so much for this! Very helpful.
Old 04-03-2008, 03:21 PM
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I've found that I get about the same rep on my staff if I use a bunch of low level attacks or knock them down with flaming skull. I have even tried using the blast attack on a lv25 gypsy I'd shot with hex eater...after about 2 min of constant blasting he died...and I didn't get any more rep than if I'd just fried him quickly. The only weapon that you can really use low power to level seems to be the pistol. I can get 100 rep on a lv28 with 2 rounds of hex eater and then lead shot for the rest.
Old 04-03-2008, 03:28 PM
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Thanks for the guide

Where's the best place to level your staff when you first get it? I've been on Padres and other places but they just don't give good rep.

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