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Old Cannon Defense High Leveled Ammo And Screenshots!

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Old 10-02-2010, 08:43 PM
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Cannon Defense High Leveled Ammo And Screenshots!

Hi guys, I started this thread so you can post your pictures of all the higher level cannon defense ammos.

Here are the ammos and some pictures I have of them.

Level 1: Round shot, standard lead cannonball
Level 2: Targeted ammo, automatically targets ships for you
Level 4: Smoke bomb, explodes in a cloud of smoke slows enemy ships
Level 5: Mine ammo, floating bombs explode when ships sail over them
Level 7: Hotshot, basically same as firebrand, sets enemy ships on fire
Level 8: Scattershot, like grape shot only more damage
Level 10: Powder keg, giant barrel floats like mine only explodes when shot again by another cannonball
Level 11: Bullet ammo, shoots extremely fast cannonballs that fly straight and destroy enemy ships making boards fly everywhere
Level 13: Cold shot, freezes a patch of water causing ships to get sunk
Level 14: Bomb ammo, much like explosive only it fires three at once
Level 16: Bait Shot, summons a shark, ammo looks like a ball of meat and bones
Level 18: Firestorm, causes a giant explostion of fire that sets all nearby ships on fire.
Level 20: Cannon upgrade, cannon changes to a new shiny cannon with turning gears that fires even faster.

Hope this helps, feel free to post any pictures of cannon defense ammo, ships or the gear cannon.

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