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The Lapsed Haps POTCO Tournaments, Contests and Events Archive

Old POTCONCTFL (Read Below)

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Old 04-18-2009, 04:28 AM
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The Pirates of the Caribbean Online National Capture the flag League (POTCONCTFL)

I'll add more into later, but this is basicly something that may or may not go wit League's idea, if he will accept me into his group. I want to create like 4-6 teams to play on a weekly to monthly basis.

More info to come as I figure out if my comp will support pirates. (It keeps crashing about 30 minutes after i log on).
Old 04-28-2009, 05:39 PM
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League is a pirate wannabe
Sounds absolutely great. I got two names already approved with invite codes up:

Flag League Host 1, GM: Jean de la Creute; Code: SVLP2874
Flag League Host 2, GM: Cretue the Dog; Code: ZEZR3287

I also have some ideas for positions:

Team Flag: The enemy flag could be a team-mate of yours, who, when attuned, can run back for themself. That would be good for a system of one flag per round; otherwise, this person can just be a moderator who announces that he's/she's been attuned by whomever. In the multi-touch system (most real-life games would have a one-flag-per-round system, but it is the workings of the game that allow for more), a cutlass can be drawn if you have the flag. The flag-runner has some perks though: in friendly territory, the one who drew the flag can attune anyone who tries to attune the flag. In that case, merely the flag has to draw a cutlass. F=Team Flag on soon-to-come diagram.
Alright, here is the field:
Center Line---------------------------------------^
The number of a person represents the team they're on. Around the flags is a small enclosure zone, to give any flag runner ample space to evade pursuit.

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