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The Sailor's Yarn Once upon a time there was a forum for users to post their own stories...

Old A War Story

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Old 01-01-2012, 06:38 AM
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A War Story

OK, first off, this is NOT PotC themed, it is about modern-future war.

(Pasted from a book i'm working on; want to see if people like it, and therefore if i should go on with it)

Chapter 1
So, here I am, shooting the enemy in Iraq. Throwing a grenade, I dive behind a building for cover. I grab an M60 and provide cover fire for the tech guy building an aerial radio. Spraying lead in every direction, I take down wave after wave of the enemy. A grenade is lobbed to my right, and I dive to the left. Cursing under my breath, I fire a round into the direction of the attacker. The tech guy waves me over, and I dash behind the building again. “What the he-” My sentence is cut short by the screaming of jets overhead. “What’s going on?!” I demand. “I called in an airstrike!” the tech says, obviously proud of himself. I hear deafening explosions, and then see the opposing army fall back. “Yeah! Death to *****!” he yells, pumping his fist in the air. I see a **** head roll by the building, and then shoot it. But there are still more ***** coming out of the wormhole. My good friend Sebastian provides cover with 7 grenades. (Yes its overkill. But that’s how he rolls). Then I pop back out, firing a big round of pure bazooka. Firing bullets everywhere, I roll behind one of the barricades, and prep a grenade. I throw it over my head, and hear the explosion. Then I glance down the road, and see an armored truck with a 50. Caliber machine gun, which is spraying shells everywhere. I get close to the wormhole, avoiding the zombies’ detection, then throw in a custom plasma grenade. I dive back to the building, hear an explosion that exceeds the human decibel comprehension level, and then only see white.
Ok, lets back up to a few weeks ago. I’m running an assault course, in boot camp. Anyone who completes it in two minutes will move to the next level. This is the final level. If you complete it, congratulations. You’re in the army. But I still have to finish it.
“Hey, Matt! Step it up!” I heard a voice behind me. I look behind me to see that the voice belongs to Sebastian, a weapons expert who stashes grenades in a spare pillowcase. He aced his weaponry test and demolitions test. Not so good on the medical, because he damaged the patient’s appendix. Anyway, I hurry up, because you obviously don’t want to get on his bad side. I can see the end, but there’s the hardest part; the barbed wire crawl. I dive down and crawl as fast as I can. I take a quick glance at my stopwatch. One minute and forty seven seconds. I crawl even faster. I make it out then hop to my feet as fast as I can. Five seconds left. Sprinting, my lungs about to burst, I dive to the pole. I hit the button on my stopwatch. One minute and fifty eight seconds. Two seconds to spare. I let out a whoosh of air. “Nice job, rookie” the instructor says to me. I look at Sebastian and he says, “One second to spare.” I realize what just happened. We’re in the army now! I look as Sebastian and say, “Come on! Lets go to the briefing room and find out our company.” I hope I get assigned to Exodus Company, I think. We’re not exactly friends, but Sebastian has grown on me. We’re roommates, have the same courses, and spend a lot of time together. So we are likely to be in the same company. We head to the temporary company assignment room, and see Major Fletch. He’s the boss, and we’ve never seen him before. “Hey rookies, glad to have you in the U.S. Marines.” He says, and we can’t believe our luck! We’ve been assigned to Phantom Company, one of the best companies you can get assigned to. We go to our cabin and find our stuff laid out for us. For me, there’s a heavy Kevlar vest, padded pants, a padded jacket, and a grenadier helmet, as well as a belt with tools, grenades, and spare clips for my M4 carbine. Sebastian has the same thing, except more grenades on the belt, and a TAR 21. We both have dual Beretta M9 pistols.

Do you guys like? If so, il keep going!
Old 01-02-2012, 02:24 AM
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Yep. Thats my name right there..
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Very interesting. The beginning was confusing, but made me read more. Seems like future warfare with todays weapons. Very cool! Please go on. I'd like to see how this goes
Old 01-04-2012, 02:34 AM
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Alright, one person is enough to make me start! It might be a little while before i get a 2nd chapter tho.....
Old 01-29-2012, 08:35 PM
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I agree with Slasher, that the beginning was fast-paced and a tad confusing.
I'd still love to read a second chapter, and even more.
Old 10-12-2012, 10:21 AM
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I like it.......superb...

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