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Shadow Sorcerors Welcome to Shadow Sorcerors Forum!

Old The Final Push to 400

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Old 10-21-2011, 02:13 AM
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The Final Push to 400

Ahoy mates! As you've noticed, we've been on the brink of 400 (once again) for a little while now. I know many of us are quite eager to get to that final push to the big Four-Oh.... Oh...

Speech time (get out your pillows, mates... its the same stuff...)! When this guild was made, all I wanted was a home. Billy and I, we had dreams, but we never thought we would get this far. We figured we be one of those smaller, unknown guilds. We were that way for a long time, but soon through various events, people, and the bonds of ourselves, we got here. Now we are about to hit 400 members for the second time (We had an inactive cleanout right after the first, if you remember). I could not be more proud of the growth of our little Nation. Who knew that one day we would have been celebrating two whole years? That we would have ever have earned a subforum here on one of POTCO's biggest fansites. That we would be who we are. I'm more proud than any of you could imagine to call myself guildmaster of Shadow Sorcerors.

Now onto the stuff you really want to know! From Friday, October 21st to Sunday, October 30th we will be doing a large, entire guild campaign to reach 400 members. The same rules to recruiting still are in place. Located here are our Rules and Requirements for those of you that need a refresher. Remember, it is your responsibility to tell members that you invite these rules. Also remember that you are not to go around inviting just about anyone. Make sure that you check the person you are inviting out and make sure that they will fit in well with the guild, interact, and obey all of the rules. If there are questions, post here and I will answer them. Also remember to post any new recruits of yours on the recruitment threads on POF and the guild site.

Now, since I would like to try to do one big recruiting run as a guild, I would like to plan one day that will be dedicated to one of our favorites... Public Plundering! This Saturday the 22nd, I would like to do a series of public plunders. I encourage you to do your own without me, however we will also be having one together as a guild at 4PM Eastern. Depending on how many people show up, we may take several different ships. I will likely announce a few more small recruiting events as the days pass.

What: Sorceror Recruitment Week
Who: Only applies to Sorcerors, unless you are a person who wishes to join.
When: Friday October 21st to Sunday, October 30th (Gatherings of the guild in this effort will be announced as time goes on)
Why: To give us the final push to 400 members!

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