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POTCO Guilds and Clans Band together with others for expanded adventures and added power. Form your own clan or guild for longer-term strategy.

Old Plagiarism, Clan Names, and other Hullabaloo

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Old 07-03-2007, 06:19 AM
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Plagiarism, Clan Names, and other Hullabaloo

1. No clan here have control over any other clan. This includes any POF endorsed clan. Any decision based on what a clan should do (change their name, members they should be have, etc.) will be decided either by the leaders of said clan OR, if it violates site guidelines, will be done by a mod. Any attempt by a clan to control another clan will be considered trolling, and will result in a warning or suspension.

2. If a clan feels that another clan is copying them, they should bring the issue to a moderator (http://www.piratesonlineforums.com/forums/showgroups.php?). If a thread, post, or private message telling you to change any aspect of your clan due to "plagiarism" is written by anyone other than a moderator, please report it immediately. This is also considered trolling, and well also result in a warning or suspension.

3. Fights between clans that lead to persistant flaming or trolling after repeated warnings by the mods will result in both clans being permanently removed from POF.

4. If the leaders of a clan are found to be breaking any of the special rules set above or if a violation of the any of other site policy involves their clan, and they have been warned more than twice by a mod, the entire clan will be permanently removed from POF. This counts even if it is only one leader breaking the rules and the clan is run by multiple people. You are EXPECTED to keep each other in check and bring any issues to a mod.

5. Any members of a clan who break rules involving the clan will be dealt with individually unless the leaders have been told otherwise by the mods. In certain cases, an entire clan may be removed due to one members actions.

We reserve the right to add/delete or modify any and all policies for this site at any time we deem necessary.

Question: Can two clans be about the same thing?
Answer: Yes, we don't wish to curtail creativity in creating clans.

Question: What if one clan accuses another for copying?
Answer: This is considered trolling and therefore a mod will take actions.

Question: What if a non-member of a clan trolls or flames another clan by does so in name sake only.
Answer: That user will be dealt with, but the clan they did these acts in name sake will have no effect.

Question: Since there a lot of pages in this forum what if someone accidentally copies someone else's guild name by mistake?
Answer: Accidents do happen and no one is expected to read every post on these forums. This will be taken into consideration by any mod ruling.

Question: What if you got a pm saying wheres so and so's _________ party going to be so they could spy on them I have no clue wat to do about it?
Answer: Forward it to a Mod so they may deal with the matter. That is a form of trolling.
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