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Old The Coming Summer, And Thereafter

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Old 05-10-2013, 03:24 PM
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The Coming Summer, And Thereafter

Originally intended to be a (very belated) response to Crimson Rose's thread explaining the lack of activity, of both myself and the guild in general, I figured this should have its own standalone thread as I'll also use this time to explain what is planned to happen during the summer and afterward.

Things change, naturally, as time moves on. Partners In Crime reached its fifth anniversary last December, and Partners N Crime is approaching its fourth. As a guild, we've seen members come and go, and those who have stuck around are now moving into their junior or senior year of high school, or freshman (even sophomore) year of college, getting jobs... We've grown up, essentially. This alone is enough to cause some inactivity, but Disney's neglect added a sense of disinterest in the game to a lot of people--the entire POTCO community, not just Partners N Crime.

The above is why, last December, I was unable to hold the Partners In Crime fifth anniversary celebration. I was very caught up in attempting to make it through my senior year; but, of course, things have changed, and I've decided to seek alternate methods along with enlisting in the Marine Corps. I'm due to ship off to basic training in August, and I'm unsure as to whether or not it will be possible for me to make a return to the game once I graduate.

I will be a tad busy from now until then, as a very close friend of mine ships off to basic within a month, and I'd like to spend as much time with them as possible. On top of that, my recruiter is holding mandatory physical training multiple times a week to prepare us for bootcamp. That doesn't mean there won't be any events over the summer, however...

Two years ago, Delmaria attempted a Month of Valor--of month of ranking to try to get ourselves back up on the leaderboards. Unfortunately, the leaderboards crashed shortly into the event and we were unable to continue; Delmaria never re-tried the event. As such, June 2013 shall be our re-attempt at the Month of Valor. A thread with more details will be posted soon.

In addition to that, next month we will be having a double anniversary celebration: Partners N Crime's fourth anniversary, and Partners In Crime's fifth anniversary (last year's), which I did not get the chance to host. I'm hoping that since a majority of the guild should be on summer break by that point, there should be a decent turnout. What with the uncertainty of my activity post-summer, and the fact that we'll be having a double anniversary, I have some special things planned, so do try your best to attend!

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