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Old Clan Subforum Policies

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Old 09-23-2008, 01:40 AM
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Exclamation Clan Subforum Policies

I want a subforum for my clan, but I don't know what is required!

To be considered for a clan subforum, your clan must meet the following requirements*:
  • A minimum of 500 posts and replies that follow site policies.
  • A minimum of 25 active members.
    • An active member is defined as a member that regularly participates in clan discussion and clan events.
  • A regular and recent post history on your thread.
    • If your clan has long periods of time with no posts, or has not been posted to in a month, it will not be considered for a subforum.
    • Your clan must be a minimum of 3 months old to be considered.
  • Your clan must be well-organized.
    • Regular events and a set group of leaders is considered well-organized.
    • An opening post of, "We will meet for events when we feel like it." and subsequent posts saying, "OK, I'm on right now." is considered poorly organized.
  • Clan member refusals cannot be based on the member.
    • Refusals based on a person are unacceptable. This includes, but is not limited to, a person's gender, race, religion, or simply because you don't like the person.
    • An organized set of guidelines regarding what type of pirate is allowed is ok. This can include things such as which server you play (as in if you play exclusively on open or the test server), level, etc.
  • We will not support any clans that include griefing as an activity (except by Evil Bunnies).
*We reserve the right to approve or deny any subforum for other reasons. We also reserve the right to change the above rules as necessary without prior notice.

How do I apply for a subforum and what happens when I do?

If your clan meets all of the above requirements, you may send a pm to any Administratorof this site. When a request is received by an Administrator, it will be reviewed. The review process is as follows:
  • Only the OP of the clan thread may apply for a subforum. Member requests that are not the OP will be ignored, regardless of whether they are an "officer" in the clan or not.
  • The Administrator performing the review will read through all posts within your thread.
  • At the time of review, any policy violations that are found will be dealt with accordingly.
  • If your thread consists of a lot of spam or single sentence replies, those posts will not count toward post count.
    • For instance, if most of your thread is, "Ok I'll join." and "Ok I've added you." then this would be considered spam/single sentence replies.
    • It is best if you have a lot of discussion about the clan, events that you have held, etc.
    • Personal posts that lend to the clan's comaraderie (friendship) are considered.
  • The Administrator performing the review looks for all of the above qualifications to make his/her determination. When he/she makes their determination, the clan is further discussed with other Administrators and Moderators.
  • You should receive an answer within a week with either an affirmative answer or reasons your clan was denied a subforum.
My clan has a subforum! What now???

Congratulations if you have received a subforum for your clan!
  • First, you should select a Clan Leader (see requirements below). Typically, the Clan Leader is the person that first posted about the clan. If that person does not want the Clan Leader title, he or she can appoint another Clan Leader. Clan Leaders are the only people allowed to request forum-related changes for their clan.
  • At this time, most clans find it helpful to create a clan heirarchy, if you don't already have one. A heirarchy refers to a group of individuals that will help with clan activities. You can name the officers in your group anything you want, but you cannot use the titles of Administrator or Moderator in any of their titles, and only an official Clan Leader can use that title.
  • Your original thread will be moved to your subforum, and we recommend that you close that thread and keep it for history, then create individual threads for your various events and clan information. A Clan Leader can stick threads that they feel are important to their clan growth.
  • You will now have a usergroup that people can join. The Clan Leader will have the ability and responsibility to approve users into your clan.
What is required of a Clan Leader?

Clan Leaders are so named because they are the leadership of their clan. With that title comes responsibility.
  • Clan Leaders are expected to follow our site policies. If a Clan Leader does not understand the site policies, they should ask questions of any Administrator or Moderator. Failure to understand our policies is no excuse for not following the policies. If we have to continually remind a Clan Leader to follow policy, we reserve the right to replace the Clan Leader.
  • Clan Leaders have a responsibility to report forum violations to an Administrator or Moderator.
    • While clan leaders are an important bridge between moderators and a clan, forum infractions need to be handled by moderators.
    • To report posts or private messages, simply click the Report Post button at the top right of every post and private message.
    • To report a member's profile information, you can send a pm to any Moderator or Administrator.
  • Clan Leaders are expected to approve users for their usergroup in a timely fashion.
    • A timely fashion means that no requests should remain in your approval queue longer than two weeks. If you are unable to approve users this quickly, you must contact an Administrator to have someone else do your user approvals until you are able to continue.
    • To approve users, simply go into your UserCP and you should see a link along the left under Networking titled, "Group Memberships." Click this and you will be taken to a screen that shows all of your Groups, with the users awaiting approval at the top. There will be a link under "View Requests" that says, "Review Join Requests" with a number next to it. That number is how many members are waiting for approval. Click the link to review join requests and make your decision. When you've made your selections, click "Do Authorizations" at the bottom.
      • Feel free to take a couple of days to review each member's posts if you have specific guidelines about what type of toon is allowed (remember there are no reasons to deny based on who the real person is, and the only guidelines should be game-related). For instance, if you have a requirement that the members all be cats and you find that this member doesn't ever list any cats in their profile or posts, it may not be a good fit.
      • If the member fails to meet your requirements, you must send them a pm explaining why. If the member is pending membership into your usergroup, you must contact them and let them know when they can expect to be approved/denied and the reason they are pending. If you approve the user, send them a pm telling them they have been approved.
    • As stated above, no member should be pending longer than two weeks. The member will need to reapply if you cannot make a decision to approve or deny within this amount of time, and in this case, the member must be contacted with a reason and told when they should reapply.
    • You will be reminded if you have a lot of approval requests in queue. Upon reminder, you must either clear your queue entirely or you must respond to the Administrator with specific reasons why each person is being left in the queue.
  • Clan Leaders are expected to post responsibly. This means that not only should their posts follow guidelines, but they should also be helpful and friendly. If you can't be helpful and/or friendly, then the post is probably unnecessary.
  • Clan Leaders have the ability to close, open, sticky, delete, and move threads in their subforum only. To do so, simply select the thread from the forum view by clicking in the box to the side of that thread. Scroll to the bottom, select the appropriate action (close, open, stick, move) from the drop down box and click Go.
  • PiratesOnlineForums.com reserves the right to remove a Clan Leader from their position if we receive multiple legitimate complaints from members about abuse of their position. This can pertain to abuse in-game or by other means, if threats are made to take action on our forums.
  • If you decide you do not want to be a Clan Leader any longer and wish to give the Clan Leader position to a designated member, please contact an Administrator. If a Clan Leader is unable to appoint a new Clan Leader, a poll will be created.
  • If any status changes take place, such as the need to have someone take over your clan while you take some time away for any reason, you must contact an Administrator.
My clan is so busy I need HELP! What can I do?

Wow! Are you approving members into your usergroup so often and dealing with clan "paperwork" so much that you have no time to play? In the following, an "active member" is considered a person that has joined your usergroup and been approved for membership.
  • Clans with less than 50 active members are allowed one Clan Leader.
  • Clans with 51 - 100 active members are allowed one Clan Leader and one Usergroup Manager. A Usergroup Manager does not have an official title, and can only help by approving new members into the clan.
  • Clans with 101 - 150 active members are allowed one Clan Leader and two Usergroup Managers.
  • Clans with 151 - 200 active members are allowed two Clan Leaders and two Usergroup Managers.
  • Clans with more than 200 active members will be considered more Clan Leaders and/or Usergroup Managers on a per-clan basis.
Clan Closure

It is sometimes necessary for clans to be closed, either by personal choice of the clan/Clan Leader or by necessity from Administrators/Moderators. If you find it necessary to close your clan, you must contact an Administrator and let them know your clan has been closed so they can close your subforum.

Administrators/Moderators may find it necessary to close your clan subforum based on the following:
  • Lack of posts in your subforum. If your clan goes for greater than two months with no posts, your subforum will be closed until an Administrator is contacted by the Clan Leader.
  • Violation of policies. This could mean a continual violation of policies by either Clan Leader(s) or members.
    • If the subforum as a whole experiences several problems, the subforum will be closed.
    • If the Clan Leader receives multiple bans or warnings, it could result in either the Clan Leader being replaced and/or the subforum being closed.
  • Inactive Clan Leader. If a Clan Leader does not log in for over a month and does not contact an Administrator, it could result in either the clan/subforum being closed and/or the Clan Leader being replaced.
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