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POTCO Guilds and Clans Band together with others for expanded adventures and added power. Form your own clan or guild for longer-term strategy.

Old Mountains of Fire Guild

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Old 01-29-2013, 02:57 PM
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Mountains of Fire Guild

Mountains of Fire is a small guild, we accept any level pirate to join, thus being so that low level pirates can level up and progress further, we need high level pirates too. Currently the guild has 5 members

We are based around different servers but the main guild master (myself) can be found at Tortuga Beach Cortevos Ocean.

The following area's are out of bounds unless you have reached that level:
General Darkhart - level 20+
Soth Idol Raven Cove Mines - level 31+
Isla Tormenta Cursed Caverns - Level 42+

The rules of the guild are simple and must be followed at all times:

  1. Do not start wars with other guilds
  2. Respect others like how you'd want to be respected
  3. Ask before teleporting
  4. Do not ask for promotion
  5. Final decision is that made by the Guild Master
  6. If a boss is under attack by other pirates, ask before attacking
  7. No fighting except enemies or in PvP or SvS
  8. Most importantly (NO CHEATING OR HACKING)
  9. Do not steal pirates from other guilds - this will start a Guild War
  10. If attacking a boss to level up and another guild enters the room and starts attacking, state the following: Excuse me I am trying to level up here, could you loot elsewhere or heal me please
  11. If other guild members ignore you or tell you to loot elsewhere call the Guild Master. The Guild Master will take note of the pirate name and guild if any joined and will speak to the Guild Master of that guild or the pirate themself
  12. Pirates will mostly be doing a gold run or mat run, when entering/boarding their ship, if it shows the cargo hold as being full do not ask to port, the captain of the ship knows when they are full and will only port once they know they are full, Also never ask the captain to port if you need to go, if you know you have to leave the game do not board their ship or if you do type /afk or /away but be polite and let the captain know that you are having to go.
  13. If you run out of ammo when on a public ship do NOT ask the captain of that ship to port, instead state you'll be right back as you need to get ammo (Port Royal, Tortuga or Padres) this will let the captain know you're leaving their ship temporary and when you TP back to the ship you'll still be eligible to claim the rewards of the MAT or Gold run that you were originally on
  14. To join a crew of a public ship ask in open chat to be crewed, the following statement works. May I join Crew please

The level of the pirates are as follows:
Member - 0-10
Veteran - 11-30
Officer - 31+

Any Pirate found to be breaking the rules will be dealt with accordingly.

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