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POTCO Guilds and Clans Band together with others for expanded adventures and added power. Form your own clan or guild for longer-term strategy.

Old Order of Destiny

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Old 11-12-2012, 04:58 PM
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Order of Destiny

We are a fresh and friendly guild looking for fellow pirates to join our family, and we accept all pirates! Events will be held weekly along with monthly contests and Holiday events. Captain Lizzy Mae created the guild to gather a band of swashbuckling pirates to revolt against the Navy and EITC. We are all family as pirates and together let us thin the numbers of our enemies!

-We are a family guild! What does that mean? Whoever, no matter the level or access to the game, is always welcomed. In this guild we are a family and we treat everyone as an equal, no matter the rank.

-We are respectful. We're pirates, but we are civilized as well. Be kind to those around you and be respectful to both guildies and those outside of the guild. Rudeness, harrassment, flirting, and disrespect is not welcome nor taken kindly.

-We are fun! Every week a event will be held and every month a contest will be held with prizes. We also hold Holiday events and parties as well. Drink up me hearties yo ho!

All together along with the be respectful rule, we only have about five rules. We like to remember that this is a game and we want to have fun. We summed the rules to the number of five to ensure everyone will have fun. These are the basic common sense rules and should be no problem to remember.

-Be respectful. As mentioned above, we treat those with kindness and respect.
-Ask to teleport (TP). Some guild members may want to be off by themselves for a while. Asking to TP ensures no drama and respect among privacy. However, if you are in crew then its an automatic TP.

-Be wise and careful of your words. Despite our number 1 rule of being kind and or respectful, we ask that you be wise when you come across a jerk. Your words and how you respond is your action and will not be our responability. We ask that you be careful, we would hate if Disney would get the wrong idea.
- Do not take the Captain's helm without permission. If it is not your ship then you have no right to take the helm without asking. This annoys many fellow pirates.

-And lastly, do not ask for a promotion. We know it can be exciting to gain a promotion and power to bring people in, and to be a part of our council, but asking for a promotion will give you a slim chance of becoming an officer or veteran. Be patient, help others and be kind. Promotions are given very little to and must be considered wisely by the Guild Leader and her Officers.

If you are interested then feel free to either cast me mail or reply below! We would love to have you in our guild. I will immediately see about meeting up with you in game.

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