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Shadow Sorcerors Welcome to Shadow Sorcerors Forum!

Old Sorcerors Ranks and promotions

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Old 04-11-2012, 05:40 AM
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Sorcerors Ranks and promotions

I'm sure that many of you who are interested in joining the Sorcerors, or are new to the Sorcerors and want to learn more about us, are interested in getting promoted. Seriously, why do you care? The purpose of guilds is to have fun, and to have friends to back you up when you need help! Sigh, you guys dont care, you just want to be officers . Okay then.

How to earn rank: In order to become a veteran, you need to meet these general criteria: Been in the guild for around a month, showing up to events, interacting with the guild on a regular basis, following all the guild rules, and being an all around good member. If you have displayed these traits, the Council of Shadow and I will take you into consideration for promotion.

Duties: Your duties as a veteran are to keep a watchful eye on the guild. If you see someone misbehaving, report them to me, a Senior Officer, or a Co-GM. Also, if you see someone that is worthy of promotion to veteran, let me know and I will consider them! It is also encouraged that if you know someone who you think would be a great addition to our guild, that you invite them in. As a final note of something not to do, do not randomly invite players into the guild. We go for quality, not quantity. Random inviting of random people into the guild can end with you losing your rank.


How to earn rank: To be promoted to officer, you must meet these criteria: You must have been a veteran for a significant period of time (except for very special cases), you have been friendly, social, helpful, etc. to other guild members, and you had to have brought people into the guild that are not from random inviting. The players must be social, active, and loyal to the guild. You also need to help keep a watchful eye on the guild and make sure that there are no problems going on, and if there are, that you report them to someone of a higher rank than you. This is a key duty of the officer and if you display it as a veteran I will know you are ready to move up. If I have seen you do all of these, then I will talk to my Co-GM's and Senior Officers, and see what they think. If the majority approve, then I will promote you.

Duties: Officers are expected to keep a watchful eye over the guild, invite players who you think would make a great Shadow Sorceror, help members of the guild out, and enforce the rules. Ejection power should only be used if there is no other alternative option (See How-To thread in officer subforums for details on this). Make sure that everything is running smoothly, and if you see someone who you think should be promoted, go ahead and tell me or a Senior Officer or Co-GM! We'd be glad to take your suggestions! Also, if you do happen to leave, please add a baby pirate to our guild. I dont care if the pirate is a level one, but you were promoted for a reason, and it would be shame to have you leave without giving us a little pirate.

The Council of Shadow

Our Council of Shadow consists of our Senior Officers and Co-Guildmasters. These are the highest ranking Shadow Sorcerors, and it is not often that one is promoted, and when they are it is a great honor. To be in the Council of Shadow, you would have had to have had seniority in the guild, AND you would have needed to truly show that you are dedicated to making this guild a better place.

Senior Officer

How to earn rank: For starts, you would have needed to be an officer for a significant period of time. Seniority is key for this role, hence the name. As an officer, you need to have continuously done your duties as officer, and maybe even go above and beyond what is required. You also need to have shown that you know how to use your officer powers. As an officer, you need to be able to enforce the rules, and if I see you doing this, and keeping the guild as a nice place to be in, then you are on the way to becoming a Senior Officer.

Duties: Same as Officer, for the most part, but you should be able to do them better due to experience, and help other officers to understand their own duties. The only added duty that is significantly different from regular officer is that you will assist me and the Co-Guildmasters in deciding promotions to Veteran, Officer, and sometimes Senior Officer.


How to earn rank: Co-guildmaster is a very difficult rank to receive, so don't enter thinking you'll become one in a few months. It is only given to those that truly, truly deserve it, and who I would trust enough to hand off the title of guildmaster to if ever need be. To become this rank, you would have needed to be in the guild for a very long time, with a little while as Senior Officer. I need to have seen that you are incredibly loyal to the guild, performing all the Senior Officer and Officer duties, and going above and beyond them. I also need to feel that you are extremely trustworthy (not that I don't trust people, but I need to trust you enough that I know you can make the right decision in my absence for something important, if ever needed.) and that you have some leadership qualities. Co-guildmaster is not a rank that is handed out even if there is a person matching these requirements. It will only be handed out if myself and our other Co-guildmasters feel it is necessary to have another.

Duties: Co-guildmasters are expected to do the same as Senior Officers, as well as helping decide on ALL promotions in the guild. They are also expected to act as mini-guildmasters, and must act as leaders to help the guild in any way possible. The duties are almost the same as Guildmaster, just on a slightly smaller scale.

Those are the ranks we have for our guild. I will likely update them as time goes on. Below are our current High Ranking Sorcerors:


Dog Gunmorgan


Johnny Darkwalker
Meg Mcbones
Sam Bladebeard

Senior Officers

Roger Swordshot


(to be updated)

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