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Old Does anyone on here know me?

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Old 09-19-2013, 07:59 PM
Aaron Reaper Aaron Reaper is offline
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Aaron Reaper is scurvy dog
Smile Does anyone on here know me?

Hey guys,

My pirates name was Aaron Reaper, and I was just wondering if any of you knew or recognize me. I was just hoping that maybe this would be a way that I could reconnect with old friends I've lost track of

Here's the list of my friends:

Bartholomew Treasuremorrigan
Eric Scurvypigge
Kate Goldwalker
Aleister Crowley
Alika McEllington
Amelia Callescarlett
Angel Fireeagle
Angel Trueshot
Anneleise FireSkull
Artemis Hawk
Bad Wolf
Bartholomew Raidwrecker
Bill Raidhazard
Billy Mostbadass (Alika’s husband)
Blaze Darkshot
Captain Peter Wolvesbane (guild leader of wolvesbane pack)
Dog Scurnymenace
Edward Wildeagle
Enrique Redskull
Eric Warmartin
Erin Akilina
Geoffrey Plunderbellow
George Cannonkidd
Gertrude Scurvyskull
Iron Will
Jack Cannonshot
Jack Seabones
Jack Stormeagle
Jacob Flare
Jade Darkhawk (arguably one of my most memorable friends ever ;D)
Jade Swordmonger
James Calicoscarlett
James Stormfury
James Stormfury (I literally know two of these, may be the same guy :P)
Jason Firehound (Gertrude, him, and I were the main trio of “The Company” )
Jeremiah Ironskull
Jeremiah Plunderslipper
Jim Barrelmorgan
John Gunfish
John Johnson
John Ragan
Johnny Burnrage
Joseph Bladeskull
Joseph Deckbane
Joseph Plunderfish
Kris Kringle
Lara (Steph’s short-lived character on LewaNuvaCoola, based on Lara Croft :P)
Littlebrother (I believe this was the guildmaster of my first guild ever, “The Greenkings”
Lizzy Crusoe
Luscious Loot (always got a kick out of this name :P)
Marc Tackparr
Margret Sternbowers (I believe her and Bart were some of the first officers in my “Night Hawx’ guild )
Mark Chainpratt
Mark Dreadrage
Mark Ironflint
Meg Cannonshot
Meg Deckbonnet
Meg Trueshot
Meghan Darkgrim
Morgan Stormrage
Nathaniel Bladeswain
Nicholas (I think he may have been a troublemaker in the “Night Hawx”, but I’m not sure)
Nikki (Think she may have been nice)
Peter Gunshot
Phallon (The guildmaster of the “L I A R S” guild that was really nice and took me in at the end)
Pretty Polly (One of the famous guildmasters of McRaging, invited me on request at “The Gathering”)
Roger Scurvyrage
Rose O’fury
Safiphire Ruby
Samantha Storm
Samuel Fireskull
Samuel Scurvybones
Ship Mate ( I remember liking him J)

If you are one of these people or someone from the McRaging Guild, be sure to say hi in a comment
Old 09-19-2013, 08:34 PM
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Sven Osymthe Sven Osymthe is offline
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Sven Osymthe is a buccaneerSven Osymthe is a buccaneerSven Osymthe is a buccaneer
I sent you a private message with some information that may help you find some of them.

Best of luck!

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