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News Archive This is the forum for old News information.

Old Smash the Most Skeletons Winners

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Old 07-13-2013, 05:08 PM
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Smash the Most Skeletons Winners

Congratulations to the winners of this year's Smash the Most Skeletons event!
Across the islands, Jolly Roger's undead were undone with uncanny dispatch
during this most recent challenge.
Ye Pirates who had a "bone to pick" with the original tally were correct - we missed a few bones out there in the murky swamps. Here are the revised, final counts and winners.
Though some of the top ten traded spots, all ten remained the same Pirates.
Smashing job, mates!

Skeleton Smasher Defeated
1. Black Widow 38,109
2. Lord Darknesz 35,032
3. Firehazzard 32,846
4. Cutler Cutthroat 30,989
5. Bladerage 26,562
6. Charles Warmonk 21,157
7. Cory No-Ko 19,025
8. Lazy Jumpa 17,749
9. Amigo 17,446
10. Joseph Blasthawk 15,963
11. Mark Scurvyfox 15,588
12. Matthew Cannoncrash 15,398
13. Billy Warmonger 14,269
14. Emily Treasurehawk 12,944
15. Rapidfire Sebu 12,927
16. Elizibeth Red Fire 12,628
17. Emily Wavewalker 11,841
18. Captain Rai 11,797
19. Silvia Freeze 10,060
20. Jeremiah Gleaming 9,459
21. Christopher Docksilver 8,578
22. Sherlock Jones 8,409
23. Aly 7,858
24. Bay B Dragon 7,840
25. Elizabeth Redhayes 7,832
26. John Stormeagle 7,579
27. Nell Shorekidd 7,075
28. Somer Blonde 6,955
29. Samuel Phantommenace 6,762
30. Atlas 6,627
31. Avery Dragonblade 6,500
32. Wolf Fang 6,364
33. Sam Gunfox 6,040
34. Angus McWrecker 5,923
35. John Cannonskull 5,891
36. Rosa Heartcastle 5,407
37. Sir Pasta Lot 5,392
38. Remy 4,968
39. Eric Stormwalker 4,833
40. Red Scarlet 4,560
41. Kate Sunwalker 4,480
42. Maximus Dreadroberts 4,224
43. Kelly Darkgrim 4,173
44. Wayne Darkangel 4,143
45. Matthew 3,926
46. Sailor George 3,781
47. Joan 3,679
48. Christopher Sharkbones 3,672
49. Johnny Lockskull 3,627
50. Jon 3,622

These mighty Pirates who were bumped from that original top forty list still retain their gold prize of course, as well as honorable mention here:
Blazen Shadow
Col Tello Twilight
Dog Gunkidd
Jack Dup
Jack Plundershot
Jim Blastbane
Lasgato Serrano
Nathaniel Dreadflint
Pirate Mike
Rukia Paine
More winners is always a bit o' fortune, savvy?

The top 10 Pirates with the most skeletons smashed win 2-weeks of complimentary Unlimited Access!
If your winning Pirate is Basic, your 2-weeks Unlimited Access time begins around noon (Pacific Time) this Sunday, July 14, 2013.
If your winning Pirate already enjoys Unlimited Access, the complimentary 2 weeks are added onto the end of your existing Membership. Keep in mind, this bumps your regular billing date by two weeks.

NOTE: The Unlimited Access is applied to the Pirate's account who took part in the event. Please see your e-mail for details.

All other winners, you will receive your gold code prize in an e-mail on Monday, July 15. Your e-mail will include instructions on how to redeem your gold code in-game.

Our undying thanks to ALL Pirates
who took part in defeating the most undead!
Old 07-19-2013, 05:28 PM
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Congrats to all, I see I got the 37th spot

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