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Old How Do You Feel?

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Old 01-08-2013, 04:26 AM
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How Do You Feel?

It's a fairly simple question. How do you feel? Right now, about POTCO. About what it is, has become, and is becoming. A lot has happened in the past year that has changed it, and a lot has happened that has changed most of us. Some of us still sail the waters with friends; some of us sail with little more than a quiet wind to guide our sails as we pillage what is left of our seas; some of us have folded our sails for good. Regardless, what is your feeling right now, towards this game and its position? Are you satisfied, hopeful, optimistic, pessimistic, sad, angry, ambivalent, annoyed, or some mix of any of these?

The reason I am posting this is because I went online today. Some of you may have seen me drift in from time to time. I don't know why I keep coming back to a game I no longer play anymore. It seems that I have become almost a ghost. Perhaps I continue to come back because I have left something unfinished in the game (...well, I never did finish upgrading any of my ships...). Perhaps I have left something in the game that I just cannot do without, and I need to find it. Maybe it is a piece of my identity that is locked in this game forever, and I am cursed (or perhaps blessed) to haunt the Caribbean, looking for something that I may never find. Perhaps I am simply eternally tied to this game and the people of this forum, and I cannot leave it without losing part of my identity.

I continue to feel like a ghost that haunts this forum and the game, not being noticed by many and not making much of an impact. My time is up, and I think I know it. I doubt that I will ever put on my French Tricorne and stand behind the mast of the Shadow King in this game again. But there is a reason that I still stay behind and dwell in a place in which I have little place.

I talked to a friend of mine when I came on today. I have known her in game for probably four, maybe even five years. Every time I come online, she is there and she always greets me. I am truly thankful for that. Today I told her I don't even know why I come online anymore. Her response was this: That I am waiting for something. A spark. Something to give me hope.


And it was then I knew why I kept coming back, why I continue to wait and watch, to check these forums every single day (yes, I still come here every single day, although I don't always sign in). I still have hope. I am waiting for a sign. Something, anything to tell me that the game is moving for the better. That the good days of old are coming back, or at least that the dark clouds that cover us all now may be clearing. That the stormy seas that are out there may become calm until we all once again light them ablaze with the peppering of our cannon fire. That the POTCO team will show us a sign, anything, that there is indeed a future for this game. That there are signs for the better. It doesn't need to be much. Even a simple post by the POTCO team that shows that they have indeed been doing something and that the game's downhill plunge that may eventually lead it to its own crash is slowing and stopping.

That is why I still stay here. That I haunt the game like a ghost. I still have hope that something will happen, and until something improves for the better, I don't believe that I will be able to "rest in peace."

Back to my original question, though. How do you feel about the game? Where do you think it is going? These are critical times, and I think we all know that regardless of what we feel.

I should now answer my own question. The answer is that I feel sad. Sad that the game I love is so... different from how it used to be. Sad that I know I probably can never return to the game and play it as I used to. Sad that all that is left for me in the Caribbean is the ghost of my past. Sad that seem to have become nothing more than a ghost myself.

Yet, this ghost feels hopeful as well. There isn't very much, but there is always just a drop of hope somewhere in me. Hope that one day, I will be satisfied enough to anchor my ships, sheathe my sword, and take off my tricorne without needing to take them back up unless I plan to for good.

So, what about all of you?

O [Caribbean], [Caribbean]!
- (Variation of) Macbeth, Act 4 Scene 3 Line 103
Old 01-13-2013, 01:08 PM
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I feel most won't be satisfied without the Kraken, then forget about it in two weeks after, but as for me, just something that requires a level 45 such as myself to need more rep or money to get there, inspiring me to work for it. I feel they will do something like that and at least I will be much more active here on Pirates of the Caribbean online. First post! Yay!
Old 01-22-2013, 02:23 AM
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I've been upset with the way POTCO has been handled. I really enjoyed the game and it was a fun romp back when there were things to do. I feel like this game got a lot of things right and it still has potential, but Disney is slowly letting it down. With the complete lack of updates, the disappearance of the telephone support staff as well as the live chat, and upgrade cards being impossible to find now, I feel that POTCO is slowly going the way of the VMK. Its a shame, really.
"In the beginning, the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and has widely been regarded as a bad move." ~Douglas Adams.
Old 01-22-2013, 02:29 AM
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The key word is "feel". I have no feelings on the matter which is why I haven't replied. No, don't assume I'm apathetic. More like Barbossa, every time someone asks how I feel about this or that, my answer will always be, "I... feel... nothing". Look again, I'm not Undead either. I think I'll have that green apple now.
Old 01-22-2013, 10:54 PM
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I have hope that I can one day return.

But It's not true. In december I tried to make a comeback, to start playing again, to find some little thing to do it, and I just couldn't. It is part of me, taking up the last and easiest years to remember of me before I was a teenager, and to be honest, I love the memories. I cherish them. I smile every time I think about the hype for the updates, and playing with some of my best friends. Waking up every saturday morning and immediatley logging on, not getting dressed, nor eating breakfast, in order to play with the earlybirds.

And this community, this group here on POForums has changed me. As some of you rmember when I first joined, I was in all honesty, annoying, bothersome, hyper, and i always talked like this haha lol, and I cringe now to think how it must of been for you guys. Probably thinking "Geez, it's that annoying Davy guy again!" or something in your head, trying to not get a headache translating my gibberish. And The I Hit A Phase Of Typing Every Single Word In Caps, Which Is Still Annoying, But Better.

And now here I am. IF I can take anything from my expiriences wth you guys, it's that my grammar and spelling has imrpoved, and to be honest, I looked up to the majority of you as rolemodels. (Especially Del And Tib, with the way the could weave and wave any words around, to really articulate that emotion, or idea. And even translating it to pirate sometimes!) But really, every single person here has encouraged me to improve my writing, and it wil affect me for the rest of my life, know it or not. Everyone. I could list the names, but It'd take to log to write, and read.

This game has had the biggest impact of my life. You guys have had the biggest impact of my life. No joke. You were the guys that were there with me as I stopped being a kid, and matured in my humour, writing, understanding, ect. I was always with you guys. And for that, I give you my greatest thanks, pirate to pirate, friend to friend, family to family. You guys will always be in my memories, even when I'm 90 something, like Del, and I'm old with back problems! (I kid Del, although we may have given him his first grey hairs).

I know I keep ranting, but, the thing is, this game is the only way I know you guys. My only connection with my "family", and when the game goes, so do you. ANd my biggest regret is not being abke to master after playing since '09. Like, come on, some of you have started fater me and mastered before me! . Anyhow, I cannot thank you enough for the impact you had on my life, and to get on subject, I've left the game. The only thing keeping me coming onto the forums to eye the news every week or so is you guys, and hope. I want to return, but there is nothing to return for. Looting? I'm never going to get a Legendary, I've already accepted that. PVP? Never liked it. SVS? I was never good enough. I was only good at repairing, and I hated it.

I want to return to you guys mostly, and I am sad to say that the chances f us ever reuniting on the game, plundering ships and old friends, having a hearty laugh and a swig o' rum is just like the chances of winning the lotery. Disney doesn't care anymore. Honestly, no updates, nothing for awhile now. Chapter 2 was the last chapter. The main characters were us, and the end was, well, the end. And it was a great book of friendship, growing fun, ragequitting (in my case), and fun. Its ending was tragic. However, it was a good book. Just like Ol' Yeller, just like The Green Mile. Our story was just as good, and sad as theirs, but, ours is better, because it's about us. I thank yo if you took the time to read my looong post, and I sincerely thank you you overall. Love, Davy. <3

Last edited by Davy_Mcwrecker; 01-22-2013 at 11:22 PM.. Reason: Apparently there is something called a "paragraph". I added that in. ^_^
Old 01-27-2013, 11:33 PM
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How do i feel about POTCO? Lost. I feel lost. I remember the good days where i would be hanging out with PNC. POTCO has not changed for the better in my eyes. The Devs have almost completely ruined it for me and probably for many more. Notice how abassa tortuga is now empty... I miss POTCO, i really do.
Old 02-19-2013, 04:45 PM
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Miss The Old Day

I feel like POTCO could have been a great game, and brought healthy competition to other big name MMORPG's like World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, Rift etc.... But the developers just didnt take the game in the direction of that. POTCO was my first real in-depth experience in an MMORPG, and got me hooked for about 1.5 years. I met alot of great people and made alot of friends in POTCO, but I felt that the development of the game just seemed to be halted and became more and more forgot about as time went by. If the game had taken a turn, and added instanced fights for 5-10-25-40 players at once with set roles in the fight and goals to achieve things would have grown in leaps and bounds... but alas none of that ever happend. While the browser based version still functioned now and then I would I would log in to my main pirates account and see if any of my old friends were on to say hello, but since that was disabled I no longer do that. At the moment I spend most of my gaming time on WoW and League of Legends, but still miss the early days of POTCO and wish that the game would be revived.

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Old 02-19-2013, 10:55 PM
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Well...I try to keep coming back.

I know there's probably no chance of me ever coming back for good. I've come on maybe every 3 weeks. Maybe even later. But, then, after I come on, I don't come on for a longer time...I have to face the fact that the game has lost my interest. I remember the good old noob days: attacking every high level enemy I saw, knowing I would die. The laughs I had back then...meeting my first friends, meeting PNC at one of their cave raids, and finishing the Black Pearl Quest with my fellow guildmates.

After, it was back to the boring old weapon upgrade quests, quests that pay gold...all that was left was looting, leveling, and having fun with my mates. I lasted for a while, but then eventually my activity died. I remember me mastering my Notoriety with Stealthy Cannoneer. It was a double mastery and we both mastered at the same time. I met more fellow friends, joined the Shadow Sorcerors on my minor pirate...

Now, it's gone. I go on the forums every now and then to remember the memories I had. I never did master my other weapons. I keep coming back, though, like Davy. Like Davy, I search for that glimmer of hope. Like Davy, I'm a ghost haunting the game, hoping for change. But, that change never came. I've signed the Revive POTCO Petition in hopes of the Devs perhaps taking a step up and repairing our long broken game.

Sadly, though, I almost don't believe it'll work. I think ol' Captain Gassy is a ghost now. You never see him, but he's there. I know my fellow guildmates don't go on much anymore, either. POTCO is dying slowly. The Devs aren't doing anything to fix it. Sadly, I don't think they care about the game. Sure, when POTC 5 comes out, there will be a boost in the amount of players. That will probably last a week.

I just...I just wish I could come back, knowing I'll stay. I wish I could know that glimmer of hope came true.

But, it hasn't. Captain Gas's pirate is setting sail on the horizon. He may come back. But, he's a ghost now.

I'm not leaving the forums. I'm not leaving my friends. But, the game...it's no longer my life. It's no longer the place I'm most happy.

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