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Ideas, Suggestions, and Rumors about POTCO Post your discussion threads that have suggestions for the developers of POTCO or ideas for the game here. We can hope they'll look here...

Old Weapon Ideas For POTCO

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Old 10-08-2011, 12:24 AM
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Ben Ironmartin & Tobias
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Originally Posted by Ice_Storm View Post
Why is everyone stopping bonuses at +5?

Just because that's the highest you see in the game, doesn't mean that's all it can go.

Plus each "Rank +" doesn't even boost significantly for some skills or at all, because it's in a broken state.
I think its because since thats the highest POTCO goes, it makes us feel like it is the perimeter which we cannot pass, so we tihink (whether we realize it or not) that anything with more than +5 must be overpowered and unrealistic.
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Old 10-08-2011, 12:47 AM
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Originally Posted by ruisen2000 View Post
I think its because since thats the highest POTCO goes, it makes us feel like it is the perimeter which we cannot pass, so we tihink (whether we realize it or not) that anything with more than +5 must be overpowered and unrealistic.
They could always change the damage values for all weapons in skills though.

Instead of rank 8 for "Sweep" skill dealing 5k damage, they could easily make it weaker with a future update.

The future update could reduce its damage to 2k, like it was on rank 5 in the past, but call it rank 8 anyway.

This is hard to example, so I put another example here:

Patch 1020:

"Viper's Nest" (+5): 5000

Patch 1100:

"Viper's Nest" (+5) = 3500
"Viper's Nest" (+8) = 5000

See how they could easily change the damage and still call it +8 even though it has +5 old damage at +8?
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Old 10-16-2011, 11:42 PM
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Cutlass of the Atlantic
Type: Legendary cursed blade
Gold selling: 2000

Attack: 130
Special Abilties:
Mariner's Look

Mariner's Look: The wielder of the sword slashes the enemy in slow motion, and along with it, you will see an hologramic image of a coral reef, blooming with fish, and kelp, and you can see a manta ray in the back. When the slash is over, the image is also. The damage is 2500.

It also has a ability of Suffocation.

Suffocation: When used, the player brings up the sword , and swings it like a bat. The enemy then is cursed by a Suffocation curse, which makes him suffocate, like he is underwater. The enemy also has animation when this happens. The enemy grasps his throat and doesnt attack for 10 seconds. Then the curse stops. Each second, it does 100 damage.

It can only be found while FISHING.

The sword looks like a rusty old sword, and you can see the water on it (Like when you see the water riples on the side of something in the water) flickering about.
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Old 10-19-2011, 04:35 PM
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Kraken Slayer
Legendary Cursed Broadsword

Attack: 93

Cursed Acid: One powerful thrust that burns the enemy with acid. Lasts 8 seconds.

Blade Storm + 5

Barnacle-encrusted Claymore model broadsword.

Wielded and cursed by Davy Jones himself.
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Old 11-26-2011, 08:22 PM
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Pirate Lord Doll
Rank: Famed
Attack: 64
Special Abilities
+3 Poke boost
Curse of the Brethren Court: Stuns an enemy for ten seconds and zaps them for 2403-4031 damage at the end. Takes 3 minutes to charge.
Appearance Description: Looks like one of the 9 Pirate Lords.

Rank: Legendary
Type: Broadsword
Attack: 143
Found by: Extremely low chance of finding in a skull chest, Medium-Low chance of finding it after defeating Jolly Roger,
Can be earned in a (fake) quest to defeat 60 thralls.
Special Abilities
+3 Bladestorm boost
Shinestone Shine: Stuns an enemy for 8 seconds with the light of the Shinestone.
Super Strike: Does 5,000 - 7,500 damage to an enemy, takes 2 minutes to charge.
Appearance Description: Shiny, golden-diamond blade and a silver handle.

Last edited by Stolph; 11-26-2011 at 08:32 PM.. Reason: New weapon
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Old 11-27-2011, 12:58 AM
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Give these new weapon ideas creative abilities like:

Take out (name goes here) with a 2% chance of boosting your pirate's strength and health points.


Make them creative like that. Don't just stop at "stun" and "Damage". We already have tons of weapons in the game that are like that D:
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Old 11-27-2011, 07:03 AM
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Smile Oooh yay!

I've dreamed of this

Spoiler for My weapon ideas:
Red Dagger
Legendary Throwing Knives
Attack: 52
Ability: Red Fire Attack- 50% more attack damage and 25% chance dodging an attack, +5 Sidewander
Story: The Red Dagger was made by the Navy, but got captured by Jolly Roger's goons. They added the "special" curse.

Dark Staff
Famed Staff
Aurora: Boosts attack for all pirates near by
Attack: 42
Ability: Black Aurora- Damages every enemy in area by 50 HP and 15 voodoo, +10 Wither
Story: Tia Dalma's staff gone wrong. She buried it on Cuba, later to be discovered by pirates.

Blue Cursed Fire Musket
Famed Musket
Attack: 72
Ability: Blue Fire Shot- Fires a blue flaming bullet that sets fire to an enemy OR ship for 7 seconds, +5 silver shot, +4 take aim
Story: Made by the darkest pirate on a secret Lava Lair on Padres Del Fuego. It later got stolen by Undead Raiders, and it's location is now unknown.

Earthen Sword
Rare Broadsword
Attack: 62
Ability: Vine Wrap- Wrap the enemy in vines for 12 seconds, +2 Brawl
Story: Will Turner's finest blade. With a magical enchantment, of course.

Sun Drop Doll
Famed Doll
Attack: 68
Ability: Blind your enemy! Lasts 7 seconds., +6 Life Drain
Story: A heavenly stick from the heavens, draped with cloth and able to attune enemies.

Spoiler for My dream sword::
Aquatic Broadsword
Legendary Broadsword
Attack: 125
Ability: Mini Tsunami erupts from the sword. Causes 1,000 damage to any enemy nearby, +15 Blade storm, +3 Roundhouse
Story: Brewed in the ancient forge of Poseidon and hidden beneath the ocean waves for centuries, and eventually washed up on the shores of Tortuga.

Glad I learned how to make a Spoiler, or else it might've taken up room.
Thanks for the thread!

(notice how some weapons have more than +5)

Last edited by Captain Hector; 11-29-2011 at 07:39 AM.. Reason: edit 1: unrealistic edit 2: better :D
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Old 07-26-2012, 02:54 PM
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Famed Cursed Throwing Knives
Attack: 60
Abilities: Kunai Spread (weapon skill) - Throw a brace of kunai blades in an arc, dealing 80 - 160 damage per Kunai. Stuns for three seconds.
Critical Strike 4
Level Req: 25

Death/Destruction/Doom Staff (Group)
Rare/Famed/Legendary Cursed Staff
Attack: 32/40/48
Abilities: Apocalypse - Will destroy anything under 200/400/600 health and deal 600/800/1000 damage to everything in your pirate's sight.
Critical Damage Rank 1/2/3
Voodoo Immuntiy Rank 2/3/4
Level Req: 28/29/30

I like the kunai, and the staves are an arc about 100 degrees wide, and slightly longer than wither's range.
OP much? Yes.

I wonder why there aren't any voodoo staff enemies. Those would be real cool.
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