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Ideas, Suggestions, and Rumors about POTCO Post your discussion threads that have suggestions for the developers of POTCO or ideas for the game here. We can hope they'll look here...

Old Old Bodies

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Old 06-04-2012, 06:23 PM
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lol Nate!

You knew what I meant. Have pirates go to some mad doc and get body improvements for a price. The price can be in gold and maybe some certain ship materials. They could also make you do a quest (since some people heavily depend on those to make the game worth their time) like the usual quests have us do: Kill so-and-so in order to get such-and-such.

Once you pay for whatever improvement you wish done on your pirate, the mad doc lets you enter his chamber where you hit Shift and enter right on in. It will look similar to the jail cell we start in when we first created our pirate. That is one sure way POTCO can fix their boo boo. It will also be fun.

I just created a pirate on Test and frankly I hate to kill the little guy because I'm not happy with the end result. I don't think it's the body type that's the problem. I simply noticed that I had one of five to choose from. I wanted my pirate to be the tallest and well fit. He's tall, but more stout around the waist. And, he looks like he was designed to ride a horse!

The right shape is in the middle, but its medium height. All POTCO needs to do when players create their pirate is put a slider for us to select the height, next to the body shape, on the far right of the panel. So, if POTCO sympathizes with players wanting the old bodies back, then they need to add that back into the jail cell where pirates are created and to add a new feature called Bodybuilding. They could call it something else. I don't care as long as we can have an alternative to fix their boo boo without killing our pirate and starting all over again.
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