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POTCO Sails and Ships Official discussion of sailing and ships

Old Pivateering/SvS Tips!

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Old 03-13-2012, 03:45 AM
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I just stumbled upon this thread, Very nice job Leo! As he said, The biggest tip out there has to be, use your skills wisely. If your set up in a tough spot and have take cover on, never change it until its done. Some ships may have an unexpected gunner or strong broadsides and that take cover can be the difference between you sinking or them. I recently completed my main character, Blade, with all 3 customized ships. Ive been using a copperhead war frigate alot in svs recently and its very useful. Some people argue that the ship customs ruin svs, but I think it actually adds a spin to the whole situation. The only problem I have these days are the ships or " Lag Creators ". Its annoying, and there shouldn't be regular comp ships in the svs arena. It only adds to the lag and the mess of ammo going on in actual svs. My last tip for Svsers are if you SvS alot I highly suggest making your ship rank 2 Take cover instead of open fire or full sail. The only reason you need long open fire is if you are trying to pull a big hit, but the tc boost can be the difference between surviving a big hit on you opposed to sinking. I can't tell you how many times ive been in a parallel fight with a war sloop and when moving into strike if you have the longer tc, it makes all the difference. I hope this helps a little bit for those looking to improve their svs!

-Blade, Emerald Regiment GM and Big SvS Fan
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