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Much appreciated for the additional opinions expressed by you all. And a hearty thanks unto each of you for casting your votes.

Anyone who has played it long enough to experience every [or just about every] facet of the game agree that this game had [and still has] the potential to become better. The odds of it returning are 0%. Doesn't help when Disney sent that official notification of its closure to every existing email, most of those 15 servers have remained rather Quiet at all hours of the day since. The most I've seen that have gone Ideal were 9 servers. You would think anyone getting an email telling you that you have free Unlimited Access for 30 days would be motivated to log in. I remember when there were over a hundred servers and each of them became Ideal during those UA special event weekends. So what happened here?

Well, apart from the game not being on par with WoW and the like, that shouldn't stop a freeloader from milking it for all its worth. I don't think they stopped being one. If they have, then that's good news all around. No business can continue for any reason if the demand is not there to pay for the service it renders or the product they produced. POTCO didn't have a strong economic customer base in that regard. But what a difference it would have made in their eyes as well as ours if most of those people who received that email, logged in and played it through resulting in having all 15 servers become Full to Ideal. POTCO would have to add servers, perhaps 10 at a time, to accommodate the demand. And if those were to become Ideal, that would be telling in their eyes more so than any petition or mailings ever could.

They haven't. Maybe some of those emails got bounced. Maybe some of them ended up in the Spam folder. Or, maybe they haven't been read because the account holder lost track of all of their email accounts. They are easy to create after all. Then again, no matter how you slice it, the results are clear to them as it should be to us: Not enough paying customers to keep that ship afloat.

I'd like to believe it might make a come back but I'm not holding my breath. Takes a very special person to captain that ship and none exist over there at this time. Just some high minded little captain and lord we know all too well:

Aye, we understand how it ended for you too.