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Cannon Defense - become more glitchy since fishing update?

I decided to do some cannon defense today, I fired 6 mines into the water and only 1 showed up... Wonder where the other 5 went? ( I didn't shoot them at same spot!)
I had this problem before the fishing update, but never almost all missing, it was only usually 1 or 2 missing mines, but today, the most mines I ever got from firing 6 into the water was 3!!! and the chance of having 3 appear was the same as the chance of finding a famed weapon!
Ships often freeze where they are for around 10 seconds, then they teleport to some place very far away!! I didn't change my graphic settings or any settings, but it has never happened before fishing was released... It was all good before... which makes CD very hard because often when I hit the ships I do 0 damage... took me 120 shots to even sink a galleon, with almost every shots hitting..
Changed my graphic settings to low... and no use, still freezing..
Not saying that fishing is the direct cause to these problems, but it does seem a little fishy.. since everything went wrong ever since fishing update...
Sent lots of bug reports to POTCO... seems like they dont care..