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I can't believe I totally missed out on this farewell gathering!... tried to log on today & was wondering why I couldn't launch the game. It would try to launch the launcher.exe file but then it would automatically close. Went to the website & saw the msg ='(

Realized I somehow missed the potco email. I remember seeing something & reading about some other Disney game was shutting down, thinking it was just that game, (wasn't interested much coz it was a game I had never played)...Never in my mind did I think they were closing all mmorpg under Disney =( I think I would remember if they had mentioned potco in what I had read, then I would've came back before it shut down.

awww i had played potco back in 2008-2009. started playing a much more interesting game & left potco, but i came back to visit my cute pirates for a couple of random weeks in 2010 & 2011 & like 2 days in 2012.... now this is gone forever... omg this upsets me...i had like 5 accounts here, i never took enough screenshots of my cute pirates I realize now =(

I absolutely hated it when they changed the body types....that drove a lot of people away I think... none of my pirates had the new kind. I had the pretty skinny ones with the awesome looted colored clothes, I still remember once upon a time people were talking about auctioning off our skinny pirates that we rarely used LOL but I was too selfish to sell off my uniquely named pirates since Disney's "naming pirates criteria" was always interesting xD

When I was a pirate in the Caribbean, I had lived with.... ::waves bye to:: Warlordz Rising/Dark Warlordz, Sinkers Revenge, Ronin Vengence/Pirate, Club Blue 72, Clash of the Titans, The Guardians, Emerald Sea Gang/Pirate Guild 6, Blood Red Roses & Angels of War <3

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