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Originally Posted by Batleth View Post
I'm sorry but they won't be carried over. It will be as if you are a new user. We are moving skins and awards over to TTC now. So you'll be at home more with some of your favorite POF skins. We'll announce later how to obtain any contest and holiday awards you got here.
Guess that means that everything I've saved here on this forum needs to be resaved on my new pc.

Sorry for the double post here...

I did get my screenshots that I had saved here on this forums, saved onto my computer again. Looking at them all took me back.

I dont know if I will created a TTC account to keep up with you guys once the move occurs or not. I have some thinking to do on that.

So, in the meantime... I can be found on other forums. Most of you know where to look. You can google my main pirate name Kate Goldwalker and find me in a few places that way as well. Thanks for all the fun. Oh, and Capt. Morgan... I'll miss our arrcade battles when its all said and done.

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