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POF Moving Forward

We're not going anywhere!

With the recent closure of Toontown Online, Pixie Hollow, and Pirates of the Caribbean Online, and any plans for reopening being off in the future, the administrators have had to make some difficult decisions. Do we change? To what? When? What will we be rated?

We'd like to announce that we know the answers to those questions now. Wednesday October 16th the site will be taken offline. Don't panic! We will reopen Friday October 18th as The current URL will continue to redirect for some time. We'll warn you before it stops. Additionally, will condense most of our current sites into one. All DisneysOnlineWorlds sites except will be archived.

MMOCentralForums? What will that do?
MMOCentralForums won't be built around a single game. We will be offering forums for a wide variety of games along with the off topic and creative areas our members enjoy. There will also be forums geared towards specific age groups, which we will explain more when the site reopens. A few other surprises are in store!
What happens to my account?
All current TTC accounts will remain active. You will log in with your username and password just like you do now. Your contact list will be there, all images, all posts, reputation... Nothing will change. If you are a member of another site it will be necessary to register on the current We will be transferring all subscriptions (and a few other account perks as well!) from each archived site to the new members will not need to do anything unless you'd like to join the new site as well.
What will these new forums be rated?
After a lot of thought and debate we have elected to remain G-rated with a few changes. Think of it as G+. The family friendly nature of our site is an important part of who we are. We will be posting an updated version of our policies to illustrate these changes.
What do you mean "other sites will be archived."
The current site will be closed and a redirect will be created. Those posts will be read-only. All images will also be saved. It will be necessary to create a new account on the TTC site. Unfortunately that is unavoidable. However, we will still maintain a scaled down forum for those sites on You will not lose a place to talk about a game you loved!

I'm part of a clan, what will happen to that?
The decision to stay open or close will be made by your current clan leaders. At this time we have no plans to close any clans.

Obviously, these are only the basics of our plans and what's in store. We have decided to make these changes so that we are more adaptable within the changing world of gaming. We are open to suggestions and ideas. We'll be different, but we hope you'll continue to call us home.