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Originally Posted by Platinum Pirate View Post
Wouldn't it make more sense to show them 18 guns on a ship that authentically looks like an English Man-O-War? The Goliath needs and deserves to look as one beauty of a ship much like the QAR itself.
Perhaps. But in all honesty, I just want them to get it right and not be two cannons short.
And yeah, I really think the hull design shouldn't look just like any of the other Navy Ships of the Line. It actually does have minor differences, but that's about it. It needs more beauty though, more uniqueness. Something to make it shine.

Originally Posted by Tiberius Fireskull View Post
Yep, this would work as well. Being able to choose difficulty levels would be cool as well. Although since Flagships in the game actually work with the system that Platinum Pirate had (where the enemy levels take into consideration player levels [sometimes]), I'd think that would work more.

It's not like this game has any other places where you choose your difficulty, anyway. The game has its ways of choosing it for you. And for the most part, it's fair.

Your suggestion, I have to say, reminds me a lot of Payday: The Heist's difficulty system. You've got the main four difficulties, Easy, Normal, Hard and Overkill, and then for those who are level 145 and above, you get the hardest difficulty, Overkill 145+.