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Originally Posted by WarMeister5275 View Post
Hey guys I have a few questions. First off I have a Frigate and i was wondering how i can get my ship to fire etheral or flaming canon balls from my broadsides. Ive asked others how they did it but they never answer me so can anybody tell me how? The next question i have is when fishing how do i even attract the big fish at the bottom? I can cast my lure down to them but i cannot get their attention. Anybody know how?
Originally Posted by Platinum Pirate View Post
The simplest path to pursue for getting Firebrand broadsides is the Cargo path. The middle one you see at the Shipwright.

Once you upgrade to Cargo III, you'll have a choice of how much Firebrand power you want. If you want to keep your extra cargo hold, go with Fortune Hunter. If you just want the power, then go with Firestorm.

Which fish are you referring with your second question? Are you referring to them sharks or tunas?

  1. Plat is correct on your Firebrand part, you have 2 Options for Firebrand ; Firestorm and Fortune Hunter.
  2. Etheral / Fury Broadsides are Skull and Bones Hull Upgrade.
  1. Firestorm (available from the Streamline and Cargo tiers)
  2. Fortune Hunter (ONLY available from Cargo tier)
  3. Skull and Bones (available from Cargo and Reinforced tiers)
For your fishing question, Kale is spot-on, you first need to have a high enough Fishing Level & once you reach the Level Required ; You gotta go see the Fish-Master and Upgrade your Fishing Rod.