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AWESOME STRATEGY GUIDE [this was sort of what I was expecting with the Maps you received if you 'officially joined during beta testing' ] ....

Anyone want to attempt a Guide for the Main Islands ? [there are so many newbies to the game that I often A) let them know whats on a particular island so they can complete their quest and B) often go on the quest with them to help out] ....

Quick Note - if you have enough memory on your PC [or Laptop], you can go into the Menu where you log off and make certain adjustments to rendering of shadows and increase detail of people / places \ things [I tried this and I felt it made the game better but I also just installed another 1 Gig of ram] ....

Suggestion - Does anyone want to create POF T-Shirts ? [I fancy one with a large POF Logo on the back + a picture of your Pirate on the front]. The Walt Disney Co. should have thought of this [especially for those who paid to join in order to follow further quests] ....


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