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The Complete Guide to the Wild Islands

The Wild Islands of the North

1 Isla Perdida

Ouside: Terror Wasps, Dire Wasp, Rock Crabs, Giant Crabs
Inside: Queens Nest Scary Mary : Terror Wasps, Dire Wasps
Quests: In addition to visits to Scary Mary for the Black Pearl rescue quest, there is another quest here to dig and the dig spot is about half way into the Queens Nest by a group of trees. Just go around the area where a lot of trees with big roots are and look for the spot.
Other: The area between Cuba and Isla Perdida is a good intermediate hunting ground for ships. There are often Galleons and Frigates of both kinds out here with a few Skeleton ships here and there. War class boats are usually limited in this area with War Sloops being most common.

Here are a couple of pics showing the dig spot in the perdida jungle:

2 Driftwood Island

Outside: Bronze John, John Smith : Sand Crabs, Rock Crabs, Giant Crabs, Dire Wasps
Quests: There are extensive visits of both Bronze John and John Smith on the main Black Pearl rescue quest.
Other: The area between Driftwood, Devil's Anvil, Port Royal, And Tortuga is normally the easiest area for hunting ships. There are a few War Sloops around, but most ships out here are light class vessels.

3 Rumrunner's Isle

Ouside: Bastien Craven : Sand crabs, Rock Crabs, Giant Crabs, Giant Scorpions, Dread Scorpions, Dire Wasps
Other: While there is often a Navy Man-O-War War Frigate near this island, there are not usually a lot of very high level ships out there. You can normally find some Skeleton ships North of here.

4 Devil's Anvil

Outside: Sand Crabs, Rock Crabs, Giant Crabs, Giant Scorpions
Inside: Barbossa's Grotto Barbossa
Quests: The quest to get your pistol takes you to Barbossa's Grotto.
Other: The area around this island normally doesn't have anything higher than light class ships. Good beginner area for working sailing up to level 5.

5 Isla Cangrejos

Outside: Woodruff : Sand Crabs, Rock Crabs, Giant Crabs
Quests: There are a few quests here with one major one being digging up a chest that says it is near a formation of rocks. The area has several rock crabs that spawn almost on the dig spot.
Other: There is often several War class ships out in this area, however it isn't the hardest place to hunt ships.

Dig spot for the severed arm on Cangrejos:

The Wild Islands of the South

6 Isla Tormenta

Outside: Rock Crabs, Giant Crabs
Inside: Tormenta Cave Vampire Bats
The following list are the types of undead found in this cave and the weapons they use:
Flotsam and Seabeard - Cutlass
Dregs and Kelpbrain - Daggar
Spineskull and Urchinfist - Grenades
Brinescum and Molusk - Doll
Flotsam and Dregs can be found at the very back of the cave and are the easiest of this area to kill (in general).
Quests: There is a secondary quest asking you to kill Dregs and this is the only place I've found them. You must also dig for part of the main Black Pearl quest and the spot is about half way in right near the massive cluster of undead (of course).
Other: Some of the highest level vessels in the game can be found between this area and Padres. You can expect high level Skeleton ships and some massive War class Galleons and Frigates out near these waters.

Here are a couple of hint pictures showing where the dig spot is in Tormenta Cave.

7 Outcast

Outside: Giant Scorpions, Dread Scorpions, Stumps
Other: This is a group of tiny islands that are not easy to see until you are right on top of them. Often this area has a few mid to high level ships around it making travel here by light class ship a challenge. This is a good place to work Stumps since they are in groups of two that are fairly close together.

8 Cutthroat Isle

Outside: Sand Crab, Rock Crab, Giant Crab. Various high and low level undead including Undead Gravedigger, Undead Witchdoctor, Undead Brigand, Undead Grenadier, Undead Raider, Undead Gypsy
Inside: Cutthroat Jungle Stump, Big Gator, Huge Alligator, Dread Scorpion, Undead Witchdoctor, Undead Brigand, Undead Gypsy
Other: There are normally a lot of Skeleton ships between here and Padres or at least just East of here outside Kingshead. This island is a good place to hunt after most others have become too low to give decent exp on.

9 Kingshead

Outside: There is no shore, but rather a long network of docks where you are safe from attack, but nothing to kill here.
Inside: EITC and Navy Soldiers
Other: The whole island is one giant fort with several different levels/areas. You have major quests here for the grenades and almost everyone will need to go with at least one or two good mates to get them done. Just note that there are way more barrels and boxes than what is needed, even in the part 2 trip back so you do NOT have to go check every single one. You can and should avoid boxes and barrels near large groups or very high level people.
This is also a good place to go to power level grenades, voodoo doll, and staff as there are a large group of vet 18's and an officer 18 in the main courtyard right inside the main gate. You can just lay waste to this group over and over again for lots of fast exp. For the grenades you can just have them move toward you while bombing over and over again. For doll just attune as many as you can and run in circles. For staff lay waste to the whole group at once.

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